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Least Surprising News Ever: Marquette Is No Longer Receiving AP Votes

That’s what happens when you follow a loss with whatever the Robert Morris game was.

Marquette v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

A tip of the ballcap to Jesse Newell, Chris Basnett, and Zach Klein. They held on as long as they possibly could.

As of Monday, with the new poll out and official, YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles men’s basketball is no longer receiving votes in the Associated Press top 25 rankings. The three people I mentioned at the top were the only three that voted for MU at all last week, and once they put their eyes on MU’s awful looking win over Robert Morris and said “mmmmmm, nah.”

Kind of a bummer, to be honest. I was kind of looking forward to Gary Parrish getting to Poll Attack people just for voting for Marquette.

Maryland sits at #5 this week, and they also sit at the end of Marquette’s theoretical best possible week at Disney World. The Terrapins are also part of the Orlando Invitational, but Marquette would only meet up with them in game #3 of 3 as the Terps are on the other side of the bracket. The most obvious possible meeting and also the best possible meeting is in the championship game, but weird things can happen.

Elsewhere on the ol’ schedule express is Seton Hall, coming in at #13, just like last week. After that.... the ... next... Marquette opponent in the top ... 25... is...... Villanova at #22. They fell after from #17 last week after losing to now-#19 Baylor over the weekend. Xavier’s loss in the title came of the Charleston Classic knocked them from #18 to #25, and almost put them out of the poll, actually. XU snagged 139 points in the balloting, while Florida State are breathing right down their necks at 137 points.

Down past FSU in the receiving votes area is Butler (21 points), Purdue (10 points), Wisconsin (4 points), and finally Georgetown, who got one 25th place vote from Doug Doughty. He works for The Roanoke Times and had Texas at #18 last week, which explains the bump for the Hoyas.

Marquette starts off the Orlando Invitational on Thanksgiving evening at 5pm Central time with Davidson on the other side of the court. No matter what happens in that one, MU will turn around and play either USC or Fairfield on Friday.

You can check out the entire top 25 right here.