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Marquette Volleyball Falls Out Of The AVCA Top 10

For now, at least.

Hannah Vanden Berg

We knew it was coming.

The new AVCA top 25 poll is out, because that’s how Mondays work. Thanks to the loss to Creighton over the weekend, Marquette volleyball is no longer a top 10 ranked powerhouse.

The Golden Eagles find themselves ranked #12 in the country heading into this weekend’s Big East tournament. MU snagged 852 points in the polling this week to put them between #11 Colorado State with 925 points and BYU at #13 with 800 points.

We had a lot of movement in the top 10 other than the Golden Eagles. Most notably, Baylor, owners of one of MU’s four losses on the season, is back to being the #1 team in the country again. They bounced up from #3 after beating Texas this past week in a game that got a bunch of Twitter chatter thanks to the absurd play of Yossiana Pressley. Wisconsin stayed steady at #5 this week, but the Badgers do have a first place vote to go along with their home loss to Marquette. Finally, Creighton took advantage of their win over the then-#9 ranked Golden Eagles to nudge upwards two spots to #10 this week.

There are two more teams on MU’s schedule in the top 25 this week. One of them is BYU, which we already mentioned at #13, the same spot they were at least week. The other is Illinois, who actually moved up a spot to #24 this week. For the first time in a long time, we get to mention a team in the receiving votes area, as UCF avenged their only two losses from AAC league play by beating Cincinnati in the conference championship game on Sunday afternoon.

The Big East tournament starts off on Friday afternoon at 2:30pm Central with #2 seeded Marquette tangling with #3 seeded Villanova. #1 Creighton gets #4 St. John’s in the back half of the doubleheader. Marquette is hosting the event at the McGuire Center, so take advantage of your long holiday weekend and make your way down to see the best team on campus do their thing.

You can check out the full top 25 right here.