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Marquette Continues To Confound In The AP Poll

Lost a point, gained a spot. Sure, why not.

Jacksonville v Marquette Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The last two weeks, Marquette men’s basketball earned more points in the Associated Press top 25 polling, but dropped backwards a spot away from the top 25 each week. Because nothing makes sense and everything you know is wrong, this week the Golden Eagles have one point fewer than they did last week, but are now one spot closer to the top 25 than they were last week.

Sure, why not.

Marquette snagged 27 points in the new poll, down from 28 last week. This has them as the unofficial #33 team in the country, up from #34 last week. MU finds themselves tucked in between Saint Mary’s with 28 points and Arkansas with 19 points.

Holding steady at #10 this week, Villanova is yet again the highest ranked team on Marquette’s schedule this season. In fact, it will be the Wildcats providing the opposition for MU’s Big East home opener this coming Saturday. Butler moved up one spot this week to #11, while Maryland fell two spots to #13.

That’s it for ranked teams on Marquette’s slate in 2019-20, but hooooooboy is the Receiving Votes department lousy with MU foes. Here’s the list: Xavier (58 points), DePaul (47), Purdue (12), Georgetown (10), Creighton (10), St. John’s (3), and Seton Hall (2). For those of you playing at home, that is nine out of the 10 teams in the Big East getting at least one vote in the polling this week. Probably not all on the same ballot, though. Providence, get your act together.

Marquette returns to action on Wednesday night, right after the calendar flips to 2020. They’ll open up Big East play and the New Year by visiting Creighton, and to a certain extent, it is a “winner gets to be ranked first” game. After all, both MU and CU will square off against the two ranked teams in the Big East on Saturday.

You can check out the entire top 25 right here.