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The Marquette Men’s Basketball Junior Year Scoring Chart

Are you aware of how close Markus Howard is to this record already?

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Over the summer, we put together a few stat charts for Marquette men’s and women’s basketball that we’ve been updating as each game goes by. The nature of having incredibly talented and prolific players has created a situation where the record books are nearly constantly being rewritten, and keeping track of those rewrites is fun.

Since we’ve passed the first of the year, it’s officially the part of the basketball calendar where we can start looking at single season records. Thus, we’re going to be adding to those stat charts with the single season marks and top 10s that are most in danger of changing at this point.

This time around, we’re assessing where Markus Howard is on the junior year scoring chart.

Let me tell you what: He’s already tearing it up.

This is being put together following Howard’s 38 point outburst against Villanova on National Marquette Day. As a part of that, I updated the single season scoring record chart and suddenly realized that he was just 112 points away from Andrew Rowsey’s record. Thus, it was very clearly time to swing back around and put this chart together.

With 604 points on the year, Markus Howard already has the 4th highest junior year scoring total in Marquette history. Only Butch Lee, George Thompson, and Dwyane Wade have more than him, and all three of those guys are already Marquette legends. With a scoring average of 25.4 points per game, Howard is on pace to catch Lee in Marquette’s very next game, catch Thompson against Providence on February 23, and surpass Wade on March 3rd at home against Creighton.

That leaves two more regular season games for Howard to take that record to an absurd new place where I don’t know what we’re going to have to witness to be able to see it broken again. For those of you who were able to form cogent memories in 2003: Did you ever think that anyone was going to break Dwyane Wade’s points total from that year? It was wild enough that Andrew Rowsey passed it last year thanks to an NIT run, but Howard is going to fire right past Wade’s 33 game total in just 29 games and he’ll still have at least three (and barring total disaster, four) more games ahead of him.

Are we going to see Marquette’s first ever 800 point scorer? It seems possible, right?

Here’s the full chart at the end of the 2018-19 season.

Marquette Men’s Basketball Junior Year Scoring Chart

Rank Player Year Points
Rank Player Year Points
1 Markus Howard 2019 851
2 Dwyane Wade 2003 710
3 George Thompson 1968 664
4 Butch Lee 1977 628
5 Travis Diener 2004 584
6 Darius Johnson-Odom 2011 584
7 Bob Wolf 1966 573
8 Lazar Hayward 2009 570
9 Dean Meminger 1970 546
10 Jerel McNeal 2008 523
11 Don Kojis 1960 523