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Your Marquette Men’s Basketball Bracketology Outlook: February 13, 2019

It’s been nearly two weeks since we did one of these, so let’s dial up some internet and see what’s what.

Villanova v Marquette Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

You know what I realized? Doing a regular check on Marquette’s bracketology status isn’t that important this year. Last year, the year before? Very important, as the Golden Eagles were constantly riding one side or the other of the bubble. This year? Marquette seems to be solidly in the tournament barring massive disaster at this point, and sometime soon, even massive disaster won’t be enough to keep them out. At some point, there’s just too much on the resume to do anything but let them in.

Let’s do a quick check on Marquette’s overall status numbers right now.

Record: 21-4
NET Ranking: #19 Ranking: #26

Quadrant 1 Record: 7-3
Projected Q1 Games Remaining: at Villanova, at Seton Hall, at Providence

Quadrant 2 Record: 5-1
Projected Q2 Games Remaining: vs Butler, vs Creighton

With that in your mind, let’s get things started with our overlords’ look at the NCAA tournament bracket....

SB Nation (2/12): Chris Dobbertean matched his top four seeds in each region to what the NCAA showed as the top four seeds on Saturday, and thus Marquette is the #3 seed in the East. They shape up as facing #14 seed Radford here, with a potential second round game in Hartford, CT, against either #6 Florida State or #11 Minnesota. There are four more Big East teams in this bracket: Villanova (#5), St. John’s (#10), Seton Hall (#11), and Butler (#12; in the First Four). Butler is the very last team into the field of 68 here.

ESPN (2/12): Joe Lunardi is just out here doing whatever the hell he wants after the committee told him what’s what on Saturday. Yeah, Marquette is his #3 seed in the East, just like the bracket reveal said, and yeah, Duke is the #1 seed there, too. But his other two teams in the East region are not matching. You do you, Joe. Anyway, Marquette is paired off against #14 seed Old Dominion with the game set for Hartford, CT. The winner would move on to face either #6 Florida State or #11 Minnesota. That seems very familiar. Lunardi puts four more Big East squads into the field: Villanova (#5), St. John’s (#10), Butler (#12), and Seton Hall (#12, in the First Four). Creighton turns up as the #4 team outside the field.

CBS Sports (2/11): Apparently not sticking to what the NCAA handed out on Saturday is the cool thing to do, as that’s what Jerry Palm did here. He has the same top three teams in the East region: Duke, Michigan, and Marquette, but his #4 is LSU instead of Iowa State. Then again, this is taking Saturday’s action into account, so there you go. MU gets a first round game against Yale in Hartford, CT, and lemme tell you that I do not want to play Yale at the XL Center as a supposed protected seed. That’s a bunch of tree hugging hippie crap. The winner would move on to face either #6 Maryland or #11 Texas, and I’m sure there’s more than one Marquette fan out there that would really enjoy seeing the Golden Eagles square off against Shaka Smart and the Longhorns. Palm went with Big East teams in the field along with MU: Villanova (#6), St. John’s (#8), Seton Hall (#11), and Butler (#12, in the First Four). Georgetown is listed as the second team out of the bracket.

NBC Sports (2/11): Like Dobbertean, Dave Ommen lined up his East region to match the NCAA’s list. That has Marquette as the #3 seed in the East region and facing #14 Northern Kentucky in the first round. Here, the Golden Eagles get sent to Des Moines for the opening of the tournament, and face a potential second round game against either #6 Virginia Tech or #11 VCU. Pop quiz: Would you rather see Texas or VaTech in the second round? Five Big East teams seems to be the standard, as that’s what Ommen has when you include Marquette. Villanova (#5), St. John’s (#8), Seton Hall (#11), and Butler (#12, in the First Four) round out the group, with Georgetown sitting as the first team outside the field and both Providence and Creighton turning up in the Next Four Out.

Sports Illustrated (2/11): It looks like Michael Beller opted to be one of the cool kids and veer from the NCAA’s bracket. He has Michigan State replacing Michigan as the #2 seed in the East region because why not. That’s Marquette’s region, of course, and here that means a first round game against #14 seeded Texas State. The possible second round matchup here is half familiar from earlier in this article and half familiar from earlier this season: #6 Kansas State or #11 Minnesota. Beller put four more Big East teams into his bracket: Villanova (#5), St. John’s (#10), Seton Hall (#11), and Butler (#12, in the First Four). Creighton gets a First Eight Out spot, while Georgetown, Providence, and DePaul (!) get Next Eight Out mention. NOTE: This was before the Blue Demons lost to Marquette on Tuesday night.

Bracket Matrix (2/12): On Saturday, the NCAA said they have Marquette as a #3 seed. After that, Marquette beat Villanova, a team clearly on their way to the NCAA tournament. At some point after that, enough people decided to mark Marquette as lower than that on their brackets that are listed in the Matrix that the Golden Eagles have an average seed of 3.25 across the 106 projections. Two people have Marquette as a #5, and one has them as a #6. Look. I don’t want to tell people how to do their jobs of putting together brackets because I absolutely refuse to do one because it’s way too much work. BUT. As much as I hate the dippy mid-season bracket reveal, it’s positively moronic to mark the Golden Eagles as a #4 seed after two pieces of evidence that they’re definitely a #3 seed at worst.


The #14 seeds here are Old Dominion, Northern Kentucky, UC Irvine, and South Dakota State. As mentioned two weeks ago, I really do not want to see Mike Daum in the first round. The usual suspects from the Big East are in the Matrix: Villanova (#5), St. John’s (#9), Seton Hall (#12), and Butler (#12). Both the Pirates and the Bulldogs land in the First Four by way of the average seedings. St. John’s is only in 105 of the 106 projections, Seton Hall is in 84, and Butler is only in 57 of them. Georgetown, Creighton, and Providence all appear in at least one bracket somewhere on the internet.