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If The Big East Tournament Started Today.....

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Yes, I know there are two games this afternoon. I got bored without Marquette playing.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament Championship-Villanova vs Providence Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, look. It’s been five days since Marquette played a basketball game, and we’re still not getting another game until three days from today. We’re all getting a little stir crazy without something to let our energy out on, so let’s knock out one of these fancy time diversions.

Let’s dive into a time honored tradition and breakdown the Big East tournament bracket IF THE TOURNAMENT STARTED TODAY!

Yes, I know that Seton Hall visits Creighton this afternoon, as well as Villanova invading The Garden to harass St. John’s. Yes, those games are probably going to mess this up. I don’t care. There’s other stuff to do tomorrow and Tuesday (poll updates! previews! bracketology checks?), so I’m not doing this then. It’s designed as a snapshot of where we are right this second, and if Shamorie Ponds et al. want to do their God given job and hand Villanova a loss to mess all of this up, then so be it.

First one ground rule as to what we’re looking at. I’m using the official Big East standings on to do this. If they’re just throwing teams that are tied up on the standings without doing the actual tiebreakers as would otherwise apply, I can’t be blamed. Take it up with Stu Jackson or something.

Also, I’m separating the quarterfinals into the pairs that would lead into the semifinals so we can see what the potential matchups would be in the next round without having to decipher it. Trust me, it’ll make sense when you look at it.

Okay, here we go, then.

MARCH 13th

#7 DePaul vs #10 Providence
#8 Xavier vs #9 Creighton Bluejays

MARCH 14th

#1 Villanova vs Xavier/Creighton winner
#4 Seton Hall vs #5 Butler

#2 Marquette vs DePaul/Providence winner
#3 St. John’s vs #6 Georgetown

And there we go.

Let’s go ahead and tack on a rundown of the worst and/or best seeds that teams can qualify for at this point. Again, I’m not figuring out tiebreakers here or running through “well, if they lose all their games, that means that this team wins, and blah blah blah.” This is just “you have six games left and that means six possible losses.”

Villanova: Can’t finish lower than 6th
Marquette: Can’t finish lower than 9th

St. John’s, Seton Hall, Butler, and Georgetown: Could still finish literally anywhere.... for now. The standings might not change terribly today, but St. John’s and Seton Hall need to win in order to not lock themselves out of first place. Butler and Georgetown are still alive to claim at least a share of the Big East title, and boy, wouldn’t that be wild if they figure that out.

DePaul & Xavier: Can’t finish higher than 3rd
Creighton: Can’t finish higher than 2nd. I lied about the tiebreakers thing. DePaul and Xavier have already been swept by Marquette and thus can’t surpass the Golden Eagles, while Creighton could still earn a split and a tie.

Providence: Can’t finish higher than 3rd.

And there you have it. What do you think about Marquette’s potential quarterfinal game against DePaul or Providence? Are you excited about seeing St. John’s in the semifinals, or would you rather get Georgetown? Does this set up for the Golden Eagles to be playing on Saturday in the title game? Fire off in the comments section about what you think about this bracket.