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Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Still Earning Votes In New Inside Lacrosse Media Poll

Just keep winning until a ranked team pops up on the schedule....

Colin Strange
PICTURED: Colin Strange. Why? Because we needed a picture.

It’s Monday, so there’s a brand new Inside Lacrosse media poll up, and yes, YOUR Marquette are still earning votes in this week’s poll. Same as the preseason poll, same as the first in-season poll.

This time around, Marquette sits as the unofficial #24 team in the country, nestled in between Johns Hopkins and Lehigh in the receiving votes department of the poll. The important point here is that the Golden Eagles are on at least some of the voters’ minds at this point of the season. All MU has to do is keep winning until they face a ranked team to get a chance to jump into the poll.

For right now, that first chance will be on March 2nd, when they travel to Dallas, Texas, to play Ohio State on SMU’s campus. The Buckeyes are #10 in the country in the new poll, bouncing up two spots from last week. There’s only one more poll between now and then, and I wouldn’t expect even a loss to Bucknell next week would knock OSU out of the poll.

Ohio State isn’t the best Marquette opponent in the rankings this week. That honor goes to Duke, who find themselves up five spots to #5 this week. Notre Dame comes in at #8, one spot up from last week, and Denver falls three spots after losing to — wait for it — Duke on Saturday. Villanova joins the parade of ranked Big East teams this week, bouncing into the poll at #15 after beating then-#1 Yale over the weekend. Georgetown wraps up the Big East portion of the proceedings at #18, down two spots from last week.

Michigan is Marquette’s only foe in the receiving votes area with the Golden Eagles. The Wolverines are sitting just outside the top 20 right now, although it’s not clear how close they were to surpassing #20 Princeton to get into the ranked section.

Marquette returns to action on Saturday, when they host Detroit Mercy at Valley Fields. First draw is scheduled for noon Central, and you can stream that game on

You can check out the full top poll right here.