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The Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Career Goals Chart

Devon Cowan and Bobby O’Grady are shooting towards becoming the second and third players with 80 goals in program history.

Devon Cowan
Is it possible for Devon Cowan to double his career total this season?

By now, you should be more than familiar with our series of regularly updating leaderboards for various Marquette Golden Eagles sports accomplishments. Keep checking back to that link in the previous sentence for our charts as the seasons continue to churn through history and MU’s various teams continue to create new memories and accomplishments..

Let’s talk about the men’s lacrosse career goals chart.

As we start the 11th season of lacrosse at Marquette, Ryan McNamara is the only player ever to record 100 goals. His career record of 102 remains the gold standard for the Golden Eagles. McNamara is also the only MU player to ever score 90 goals in a career.... and the only guy to ever hit 80 as well. Conor Gately and John Wagner maxed out at 77 goals each.

I feel comfortable saying this is the year that McNamara’s stranglehold on anything north of 80 falls. Devon Cowan starts the year on 60, and he’s had 30 goals and 21 goals in the past two seasons, with an injury slowing him down a little bit last year. I think we can expect him to go shooting past Conor Gately at some point this year. Can he get to 43 goals and pass McNamara? Well, that lead us into Bobby O’Grady, the only player in Marquette history to score more than 40 goals in a season. McNamara hit 40 exactly once, and O’Grady threw in 45 as a freshman last year. It seems unlikely that Cowan can get there, but if a second season of playing with O’Grady helps shake Cowan free for a few more goals, it’s not unreasonable.

As for O’Grady, we shouldn’t be surprised if he gets north of 80 this season. That would be a step back for him since he only needs 35 goals to get there. Having Cowan around for the full season would help him out as well, and I’d have to figure that the coaching staff will be challenging O’Grady to try and score 50 this season. If he were to do that, that would bring him to 95. At that point, getting to 100, whether this year or in a future season, is just a matter of when not if.

Chris Kirschner comes in with 25 career goals after putting up eight a year ago. Getting past Griffin Fleming and into the top 15 is within sight at the very least for him. Holden Patterson has 22 career goals and he’s back for his bonus season of eligibility. He would need a career best year by a wide margin to get to 36 to pass Fleming, but we’ll watch to see what happens. Jake Stegman did have a career best last season with 11 goals to give him 17 for his career. It’s an outside chance that he blows up for 20-plus this year, but it could happen. Luke Blanc was a redshirt freshman transfer last year and put up 16 goals for Marquette. He’s got a lot of time left to climb this chart and the ability to do it, too.

Here’s what the chart looks like after Marquette’s game against #10 Denver.

Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Career Goals Chart

Rank Player Goals
Rank Player Goals
1 Ryan McNamara 102
2 Bobby O'Grady 88
3 Devon Cowan 86
4 Conor Gately 77
5 John Wagner 77
6 Kyle Whitlow 70
7 Tanner Thomson 65
8 Tyler Melnyk 59
9 Connor McClelland 45
10 Andy DeMichiei 41
11 Kyran Clarke 41
12 Peter Henkhaus 40
13 Blaine Fleming 38
14 Bryan Badolato 37
15 Griffin Fleming 35
NR Jake Stegman 34
NR Luke Blanc 34
NR Chris Kirschner 25
NR Holden Patterson 25