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Marquette Offers A Scholarship To Class Of 2020 Top 50 Prospect Andre Jackson

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A top 50 guy with connections to an already committed prospect? Sounds good to me.

Syracuse v Marquette Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Seems like Marquette head coach Steve Wojciechowski is getting up to a thing or two on the recruiting trail. We recently discussed the offer that Marquette made to PJ Hall, and now we have a brand new scholarship offer to talk about. This one is a little interesting in terms of how we found out about it.

Here’s the tweet from Class of 2020 shooting guard Andre Jackson’s club team announcing his offer from Marquette:

Nothing weird about that, as clubs love to announce the college offers that their players get. It makes them look good. “"Hey, if you’re good enough to play with us, you can get looks from Division 1 teams, too!” You get the idea. No, where things get interesting here is because this tweet landed in our view thanks to a quote tweet from another City Rocks player.

He goes by the name of Symir Torrence, which should be familiar to you.

Torrence, of course, is already committed to play for Marquette, and for now, he will be starting with the Golden Eagles in the fall of 2020. Whether this is Torrence attempting to recruit his teammate to join him at Marquette or merely celebrating his friend getting a D1 offer, it’s neat to see either way.

Jackson is listed by 247 Sports as a 6’6”, 160 pound shooting guard from Albany, New York. Their Composite system shows him as a four star prospect and the #40 player in the Class of 2020, and the best player in the state of New York. He ranks 10th amongst shooting guards, which is really more of a commentary on how many good shooting guards are in that class more than anything else.

Here’s a couple of two minute long highlight reels of Jackson, both from the last seven months.

Even with Torrence already on board, Marquette projects to have four scholarships open for the fall of 2020. Adding a top 50 prospect like Jackson would go a long way towards filling in the holes left behind by the departures of Markus Howard and Sacar Anim. Most of Marquette’s other top prospects for 2020 — Jalen Johnson, Jalen Suggs, Dawson Garcia, Dain Dainja — seem to be more forward or center types, which does lend itself towards putting a bit more of a priority on recruiting Jackson.

Here’s the Marquette scholarship situation looks like going forward.

(h/t @BenSteeleMJS for retweeting Torrence in the first place)