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2019 Championship “Week” Update: March 4th


NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-North Carolina vs Lipscomb
Look, kids! It’s Lipscomb’s Rob Marberry!
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports


We have to say Championship “Week” because the first conference tournament kicks off today and yet somehow Championship “Week” doesn’t end until Sunday, March 17, and boy if that doesn’t seem like much longer than seven days.

We’ll bring you daily updates for every single conference tournament in action that particular day, including times and television and/or streaming video links where applicable. Because we live in the 21st Century, it should be applicable in most situations. If there’s crazy upsets or wild highlights or buzzer beaters or whatever along the way, we’ll try to drop as much of that as possible into the next day’s update, too.

We’ll also keep a running tally of all of the automatic qualifiers for the NCAA tournament once those start locking into place. Why? Because it’s fun. We don’t have to worry about bid stealers or anything this year, as Marquette Golden Eagles is already cleanly into the field of 68 no matter what.

Onwards to today’s lone conference tournament! All times Central.


6pm: #7 Jacksonville at #2 Liberty
6pm: #6 North Alabama at #3 North Florida
6pm: #5 NJIT at #4 Florida Gulf Coast
7pm: #8 Kennesaw State at #1 Lipscomb