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2018-19 Marquette Basketball Player Review: #22 Joey Hauser

What did the younger Hauser accomplish in what became his lone year donning the Blue and Gold?

Marquette’s most lethal outside shooter
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

With the 2018-2019 season in the books, let’s take a few moments to look back at the performance of each member of YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles this year. While we’re at it, we’ll also take a look back at our player previews and see how our preseason prognostications stack up with how things actually played out. We’ll run through roster in order of total minutes played going from lowest to highest, which means today we look at the Wisconsin native who won’t be anything more but a redshirt freshman...

Joey Hauser

Redshirt Freshmen - #22 - 6’9” - 230 pounds - Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Joey Hauser Traditional Stats

Games Min FGM FGA FG% 3PTM 3PA 3P% FTM FTA FT% OReb DReb Reb Ast Stl Blk Fouls Pts
Games Min FGM FGA FG% 3PTM 3PA 3P% FTM FTA FT% OReb DReb Reb Ast Stl Blk Fouls Pts
33 29.3 3.2 7.0 44.8% 1.3 3.2 42.3%** 2.2 2.7 79.1%** 0.9 4.3 5.2 2.4 0.3 0.1 2.8 9.8

Joey Hauser Fancy Stats

ORtg %Poss %Shots eFG% TS% OR% DR% ARate TORate Blk% Stl% FC/40 FD/40 FTRate
ORtg %Poss %Shots eFG% TS% OR% DR% ARate TORate Blk% Stl% FC/40 FD/40 FTRate
108.0 17.9% 16.7% 54.2%** 58.7%** 3.6% 15.9% 15.2% 22.3% 0.3% 0.7% 3.8 3.5 38.4%**

** - denotes top 500 national ranking per


Reasonable Expectations

I expect Joey to be a reliable first guy off the bench in his first season at Marquette. Ideally he’ll average double digit points. But just having him as an efficient scorer and an above average defender will be enough to fit in well. He’ll be in rotation with Anim, Bailey, Cain, and big bro Sam (#MOARHAUSER) so it will be interesting how Wojo manages his playing time especially early in the season. Just looking at his size combined with his length and athleticism he could easily be an 8/5/5 guy playing 10-15 minutes a game. It also doesn’t hurt that he’ll be playing alongside his brother which they’ve been doing since they were in grade school. I think Joey learned a lot from sitting out a semester and will have an immediate impact on this team.

Reasons To Get Excited

Word on the street is he’s better than Sam. I repeat: better than Marquette’s most lethal offensive weapon that shot 49% from three-point land with an overall field goal percentage of 50%. Oh and averaged nearly six rebounds and three assists per game. Pretty f*ckin’ good. Mind you, I don’t think Joey is better than Sam right now as a collegiate player because that would be blasphemous and extremely overzealous of me to say. But if the “experts” are saying that now, it means that his potential is like a pillowcase of Halloween candy: very large and very sweet. He is also the ultimate athlete having size, length, and versatility which gives Wojo options as to where, how, and when to use him. Due to the overload of talent at the forward position we may not see Joey as a starter right away, but he will definitely emerge as a top offensive weapon in his second and third year. I’m also excited to hear how many times the announcers mix up the two Hausers. Last year we had many difficulties with Sam, Markus, and Andrew’s last names and heard fun combinations like Howsey and Rauser. We’ll see if this trend increases with the addition of Hauser numero dos.

Potential Pitfalls

I guess he hasn’t played competitive basketball for a while due to his injury. But I don’t really see that being an issue. It might just take him a couple games to get in the swing of things. Otherwise, he may not get much playing time because of the wealth at the forward position that I already talked about. If Bailey or Eke have hot starts then Joey may not get significant playing time right away. Who knows how deep of a lineup Wojo will enforce this season. But if he only wants an 8 or 9 man rotation Joey may be at the end of it depending on how the early season goes for him. Realistically, he’ll be one of the first guys off the bench and will be productive on both sides of the ball. I don’t seriously see any pitfalls with Joey because even if he doesn’t see significant playing time right away, that means that there are three or four other guys playing better than him. That would make this Marquette team scary as hell. If this happens Joey can take more time to develop into a more dangerous threat later this season.

It’s slowly starting to sink in that Joey is transferring.

But still, we must appreciate the impressive season he had with the Golden Eagles. Joey stepped into a starting role a lot faster than expected, acquiring a spot in the first five in game #4 of the season and never relinquishing it. I had very tempered expectations for him since I hadn’t seen him play yet, but he completely shattered those by averaging well north of 25 minutes per game from the get-go. Coach Wojciechowski favored him over Jamal Cain and Brendan Bailey and he immediately showed that he belonged by putting up a respectable stat line (9.6/6.2/0.9) during non-conference play. He followed that up by continuing his run of good form and won the Big East freshmen of the week award four times, more than any other player. I still say that were it not for James Akinjo leading the entire conference in assists, Hauser would have brought the Freshman of the Year trophy back to Milwaukee.

When called upon, Joey shot the ball way better than I could have ever imagined. He led the conference during league action in 3-point shooting hitting at a 45.2% clip. That is WILD. Especially considering he is a 6’9” forward listed at 230 pounds. I also lost count of the amount of times he punished defenders underneath with his post moves or quick turn-around jumper. He really excelled shooting the ball both inside and out. His only problem was turnovers. He improved as the year went on but his 22.3% turnover rate was not ideal.

Something I haven’t brought up is his defensive contributions. Like I mentioned in my preview, his mere presence at 6’9” was a huge boost to last year’s undersized starting 5. He really held his own defensively providing a stop-gap when opponents would try and drive it to the hoop. He forced a lot of passes back out to the perimeter which is exactly what you want when defending in the paint. Joey was a huge help on the glass; his 5.2 rebounds per game was second on the team behind only his older brother. His athleticism also helped him defend perimeter shooters effectively. Overall, he played his role very well and helped Marquette drastically improve their team defense from a year ago.

It kinda felt like Joey faded a little down the stretch. He averaged 10.7 points per game in the first half of the season versus 9 in the back half. He reached double-digits 10 times in the first half compared to 7 in the second half. The numbers don’t necessarily give it away, but I do wish we would have seen an increase in Joey’s scoring output instead of a slight decrease. Though I can’t really blame his dip in production since the entire team was wading through quicksand for the final 20%-25% of the season. In retrospect, we must at least consider whether his relationship with Markus and coach Steve Wojciechowski affected his game. Was it simply because he didn’t get as many opportunities since the ball was in Markus’ hands more often than not during the final stretch of the season? Maybe.

Best Game

Joey Hauser reeeaaallllyyy liked playing against Xavier. In his first game against the Musketeers, he went for 18 points and five rebounds, connecting on 3 of 4 of his threes. In a near identical performance (went 6-10 from the field both times) in Cincinnati, he scored 21 points and grabbed five boards, hitting 5 of 6 three-point shots along the way. You gotta give the edge to the second Xavier game since he scored three more points and splashed two more threes. These were by far his most memorable performances in a Golden Eagle uniform. Without his offensive efforts in game #2 in Cincinnati, Marquette likely doesn’t pull off the victory as the margin was only five (87-82).

Season Grade, on a scale of 1-10

Joey deserves an 8/10 for his well-rounded play as a redshirt freshmen. He showed maturity right away by confidently taking tough shots and doing what was asked of him defensively. I talked about the Xavier games but he was also on Double-Double Watch multiple times this year. His closest game was against Buffalo when he was one rebound shy with 11 points and 9 boards. He also had a 10/8 game against the Hoyas and was on Triple-Double Watch with an 11/7/6 game at home versus Bethune-Cookman and a 13/8/5 game against Presbyterian. It’s a shame we can’t see him play for the good guys going forward. Alas, we all wish you the best of luck wherever you decide to go next season.