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The Marquette Volleyball All-Time Assists Chart

We’re going to see some movement in 2019, the question is how much?

Lauren Speckman
How many passes for kills will we see from Lauren Speckman in 2019?

We’re going to swing back around into creating some Marquette stat charts as the summer rolls on, just like we did last summer. It’ll give us something to do on the quieter days of the collegiate sports offseason, as well as give us something to keep an eye on when the 2019-20 campaigns begin in August.

Today, we look at the all-time top 10 in assists for the volleyball team.

Lauren Speckman has already moved into the top 10, sitting at #9 with 2,141 assists in her collegiate career. She’s just the ninth Golden Eagle to ever clear 2,000 assists in a career, so that’s already pretty impressive.

The question we have for Speckman in her senior season is exactly how far up the top 10 will she go? In 2017, Speckman threw together 1,312 assists. Repeating that number would make her the fourth Golden Eagle to ever clear 3,000 assists and land her in fourth place all-time.

However, head coach Ryan Theis went with a two-setter system in 2018. That led to Sarah Rose dishing 531 assists during the year and, when combined with Speckman missing two matches, that limited Speckman to just 770 assists as a junior. Repeating that kind of a season in her final collegiate campaign would put her just over 2,900 for her career and just a bit past Elizabeth Koberstein for fourth place all time.

I suppose that’s not a huge difference, but there is the tantalizing idea of #Speckman3K to think about. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of tactics Theis favors this fall.

Here’s what the chart looks like at the conclusion of the 2019 season.

The Marquette Volleyball All-Time Assists Chart

Rank Player Assists
Rank Player Assists
1 Liz Egasti 5,180
2 Gemma Greer 4,368
3 Jennifer Martin 3,651
4 Elizabeth Koberstein 2,868
5 Lauren Speckman 2,852
6 Nikki Klingsporn 2,626
7 Sara Blasier 2,413
8 Katie Weidner 2,308
9 Mary Donohue 2,087
10 Kristin Kemmeter 1,908