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The Marquette Volleyball All Time Kills Chart

We may be looking at a brand new record by the time the 2019 season is over.

Allie Barber
Can Allie Barber break the all-time record?

We’re going to swing back around into creating some Marquette stat charts as the summer rolls on, just like we did last summer. It’ll give us something to do on the quieter days of the collegiate sports offseason, as well as give us something to keep an eye on when the 2019-20 campaigns begin in August.

Today, we’re looking at the kills top 10 for volleyball.

Why? Well, because Allie Barber is poised to take a run at breaking the all-time record by the time her senior season is over.

She currently sits at #3 all time with 1,302 kills. Theresa Coughlin has the all-time program record at 1,733 kills. That means Barber needs 432 kills to pass Coughlin. She had 465 as a junior and 546 as a sophomore. This is clearly do-able.

The question is whether Marquette’s viciousness is going to hinder Barber. You’ll notice that Barber’s total kills dipped going from sophomore to junior year. However, her per-set average didn’t change all that much: 4.71 in Year Two and 4.65 in Year Three. Marquette played 14 fewer sets in 2018 than they did in 2017, and just playing less volleyball could hamper Barber’s progress. Marquette went past the third set — win or lose — just nine times in 2018.

I’m not advocating for a lot of 3-1 wins just to get Barber a few more swings here, but merely noting that Marquette rolling to a Big East record of 15-2 with just two four-set matches a year ago is definitely a thing that could happen again. It also didn’t help that Marquette had a match cancelled late in the year due to Seton Hall having travel issues. The match didn’t matter in the Big East standings and it was the last weekend of the regular season, so I don’t argue with the cancellation. However, that’s three guaranteed sets — potentially 12+ kills — that Barber lost.

Here’s what the chart looks like at the conclusion of the 2019 season.

The Marquette Volleyball All Time Kills Chart

Rank Player Kills
Rank Player Kills
1 Allie Barber 1,871
2 Theresa Coughlin 1,733
3 Kimberly Todd 1,719
4 Chris Curtin 1,280
5 Ashley Beyer 1,214
6 Vesna Grbavac 1,168
7 Taylor Louis 1,148
8 Martha Meyer 1,140
9 Ciara Jones 1,140
10 Meghan Devine 1,133