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The Marquette Volleyball All-Time Digs Chart

After just two seasons, Martha Konovodoff is knocking on the door of the top 10.

Martha Konovodoff
How far into the top 10 will Martha Konovodoff jump this season?

We’re going to swing back around into creating some Marquette stat charts as the summer rolls on, just like we did last summer. It’ll give us something to do on the quieter days of the collegiate sports offseason, as well as give us something to keep an eye on when the 2019-20 campaigns begin in August.

Today, we take a look at the top 10 list for digs in volleyball.

The main reason we’re putting this list together is Martha Konovodoff. After two years as Marquette’s libero, she has recorded 1,036 career digs. This is pretty good. As in “two of the 10 best digs seasons in program history” good.

As such, Konovodoff enters her junior season in 2019 with the seventh most digs in program history. If she sails past 400 in 2019 and that’s pretty much a gimme at this poitn, she will vault into the top four all-time. If we’re being honest about things, Julie Jeziorowski’s record of 2,209 digs in a career is probably out of reach for Konovodoff. She’d have to pretty much break Lauren Houg’s single season record twice in a row to have a crack at Jeziorowski by the time the 2020 season wraps up.

Still, landing with the second most digs in program history is nothing to sneeze at, and that’s what we’ll be watching for from Konovodoff over this season and next.

Here’s the chart as it stands at the conclusion of the 2019 season.

The Marquette Volleyball All-Time Digs Chart

Rank Player Digs
Rank Player Digs
1 Julie Jeziorowski 2,209
2 Lauren Houg 1,757
3 Jamie Mueller 1,567
4 Martha Konovodoff 1,554
5 Erin Freer 1,405
6 Keelyn Krill 1,234
7 Ellen Fox 1,091
8 Rachel Stier 1,027
9 Catie O'Brien 1,026
10 Jennifer Martin 998
11 Martha Meyer 988