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The Big East Men’s Basketball All-Time Scoring Chart

This is the best scorers in conference history, but in conference games only.

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NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We’re going to swing back around into creating some Marquette stat charts as the summer rolls on, just like we did last summer. It’ll give us something to do on the quieter days of the collegiate sports offseason, as well as give us something to keep an eye on when the 2019-20 campaigns begin in August.

While our other stat charts have been specific to Marquette, we’re going to take a slight detour and create a chart with Marquette in mind here. What we’re looking at is the Big East’s all-time scoring record, because Markus Howard is within shooting distance of the best mark in league history.

Now, to be clear here, we’re talking about scoring in conference games only. Howard has 1,955 career points, putting him 30 points away from the MU all-time scoring record. However, Howard is already the best Big East scorer in Marquette history with 1,070 points in 53 conference games. Jerel McNeal had the previous record with 1,038 points in 66 Big East games.

Howard’s 1,070 points in Big East games has him ranked #29 all-time in the 40 year history of the conference. He currently sits 335 points behind Syracuse’s Lawrence Moten, who recorded 1,405 points in 72 Big East games between 1991 and 1995. No matter what happens to Howard in 2019-20 season, he’ll finish with fewer Big East games played than Moten, as playing in 18 more contests will give Howard 71 appearances. Howard scored 448 points in conference play as a junior while appearing in 18 games that includes his three minute stint against Georgetown. In 17 games as a junior, he racked up 345 points. Essentially, if Marquette is a contender for an NCAA tournament appearance in 2019-20, Howard is going to end up with the conference’s all-time record.

As Big East play gets started this coming season, Howard is going to go rocketing up the list in terms of ranking. He’ll most likely be passing two or three guys at a time every game, as things are pretty closely packed until we get into the top 10. Then there starts to be 20-30 point gaps between guys. There’s a 27 point gap between Moten and Boston College’s Troy Bell in second place all-time, so it feels unlikely that Howard will pass Moten and Bell in the same game. If that’s the case, it will give us a chance to be specifically aware of when Howard will break the record.

Here’s what the all-time chart looks like after COVID-19 ended the 2019-20 season.

The Big East All-Time Scoring Record

Rank Player School Points
Rank Player School Points
1 Markus Howard Marquette 1,587
2 Lawrence Moten Syracuse 1,405
3 Troy Bell Boston College 1,388
4 Luke Harangody Notre Dame 1,329
5 Terry Dehere Seton Hall 1,320
6 Jeremy Hazell Seton Hall 1,316
7 Chris Mullin St. John's 1,290
8 Kerry Kittles Villanova 1,288
9 Dana Barros Boston College 1,257
10 Myles Powell Seton Hall 1,254
11 Felipe Lopez St. John's 1,222
12 Scottie Reynolds Villanova 1,221
13 D'Angelo Harrison St. John's 1,178
14 Bill Curley Boston College 1,177
15 Ryan Gomes Providence 1,173
16 John Wallace Syracuse 1,170
17 Malik Sealy St. John's 1,165
18 Zendon Hamilton St. John's 1,152
19 Danya Abrams Boston College 1,148
20 Eric Murdock Providence 1,145
21 Chris Smith Connecticut 1,140
22 Jamel Thomas Providence 1,135
23 D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera Georgetown 1,113
24 Andre McCloud Seton Hall 1,113
25 Kelan Martin Butler 1,111
26 Pat Garrity Notre Dame 1,107
27 Chris Thomas Notre Dame 1,099
28 Trevon Bluiett Xavier 1,094
29 LaDonte Henton Providence 1,092
30 Dominique Jones South Florida 1,087