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Box Score Breakdown: Marquette’s Final European Trip Exhibition In Paris

Calling this a “box score breakdown” is a gross overstatement bordering on a lie.

Buffalo v Marquette
This happened a lot against AK Basket, just not all by Theo John.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Well, the exhibition basketball aspect of the Marquette men’s basketball trip to Europe came to an end on Friday afternoon Milwaukee time. The team played their third and final exhibition game, with this one taking place in Paris instead of Barcelona for the first two.

According to this tweet by the official men’s basketball Twitter account, your Golden Eagles beat something called AK Basket by the final score of 111-47.

That’s 111 points for Marquette, 47 points for AK Basket. That’s a 64 point margin.

Here’s the scoring margins that we were told transpired via Twitter, as there were no official stats kept in the game:

  • 15-4
  • 25-11 after one quarter
  • 34-15
  • 45-19 at the half
  • 61-27
  • 66-29
  • 79-35 after three quarters
  • 86-38

Keeping in mind that there were no official stats kept for the game and thus we have no box score to study, here are the big takeaways you need to get from this game:

  • Nothing
  • Literally nothing
  • No, seriously, stop trying to parse anything from the game
  • No one got hurt

That’s it. The game wasn’t competitive from the get-go, and that’s without Markus Howard playing. The presumptive preseason All-American was held out of this one for rest purposes. You can either attribute that to the coaching staff discovering that this game was going to be a hilarious mismatch anyway or to Howard having to play over 31 minutes in the previous game to drag the team to a win after a rotten start. Either one is fine and also 100% believable.

Here’s Theo John doing something after a dunk. It’s not a chin-up. A knee-up? A shoe-up? Whatever you want to call it, it was neat.

Here’s about 52 seconds of highlights. There are a lot of dunks.

And that will do it for actual basketball content until practice starts in October. Season officially tips off on November 5th against Loyola-Maryland.