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I Presume Zed Key Is Not Taking His Marquette Official Visit

A little bit of putting the clues together here, but it seems pretty obvious to me.

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: JULY 19 adidas Gauntlet Finale Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Back on September 10th, oh so long ago, Adam Zagoria got a chance to talk to Zed Key, a power forward prospect in the college basketball recruiting class of 2020. Key said that he had an official visit to Marquette scheduled to start on September 21st.

If you’re looking at a calendar while reading this on the day it is published, then you can see that is tomorrow. However, I’m pretty sure that Key is not actually going to be visiting Milwaukee.

You see, on September 18th, two days ago and three days before Key’s visit was set to begin, his high school basketball team published this tweet:

That has Key making his college announcement at his high school on Long Island in New York on Sunday, September 22nd, at 2pm Eastern time. This is, according to the evidence that we have here, the day after his official visit to Marquette is scheduled to begin.

I don’t know about you, but when I make very public scheduling announcements for a particular day, I don’t like to be a three hour plane flight away the day before. I presume Key is the same way. On top of that, if he’s ready to declare that he’s going to make an announcement before setting foot on a plane to come to Milwaukee....... well..... I don’t think there’s much of a reason to actually come to Milwaukee, is there?

I presume Zed Key is not going to be actually taking his official visit. I also presume that Key will not be announcing Marquette as his collegiate choice on Sunday. That seems to go hand in hand with what appears to be a cancellation of his visit.

That’s fine.

Zed Key is a 6’7”, 215 pound power forward, according to his 247 Sports page. He’s currently ranked #158 in the country, which is pretty good. Marquette currently has two players labelled as power forwards committed for the Class of 2020 in Justin Lewis and Osasere Ighodaro. While I’m willing to debate the validity of those labels given their various attributes, you can see how Key might not be interested in fighting for playing time with two top 80 prospects at his position in his own recruiting class. You can also see how Marquette might have let Key know about their roster situation and what was in front of him on the depth chart. In fact, Ighodaro’s commitment came just two days after Zagoria published his article about his conversation with Key. That’s how fast things can change sometimes. It happens. It’s fine.

With Key presumably off the table, Marquette is down to what I believe is really just three serious prospects for what projects as four open scholarship spots in 2020. AJ Hoggard, the #71 player in the country, is either still on or just finished up an official visit to Marquette. RJ Davis, the #57 player in the country, is set to start his official visit on September 27th, but MU head coach Steve Wojciechowski is contributing to a coaching clinic at Davis’ high school as you read this.

Those are the only visits scheduled that I’m aware of, but Dawson Garcia just included Marquette in his final seven schools. Garcia is the #30 prospect in the class, and at 6’11”, brings an impressive skill set to the table. There’s also Jalen Suggs, who hails from Minnesota just like Garcia. Marquette has been recruiting Suggs for years, but for now, he doesn’t have an official cutdown list or a set official visit schedule. Heck, I’m not even sure if he’s officially declared whether he’s going to go with basketball or football in college, as he’s a three-star quarterback prospect, too.

Here’s what Marquette’s scholarship situation looks like at the moment.