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Marquette Volleyball Stays Steady In New Top 25 Poll

Exactly the same as last week. That’s fine.

Marquette volleyball

This week’s new AVCA volleyball top 25 poll isn’t going to generate much in terms of discussion points on this here internet site. In the new poll, YOUR Marquette are ranked #10, the exact same spot in the poll that they had last week.


Marquette snagged 1,033 points this week. BYU, a team that Marquette beat on the road this year, ended up in 9th place with 1,110 points and a first place vote. Sure. Hawaii is your #11 team this week, coming in a healthy distance behind Marquette with 908 points.

Baylor retains their spot as the highest ranked Marquette opponent in the poll this week, and boy, it might be a while before they let it go. The Bears are now the #1 team in the country with a perfect 11-0 record, 54 of 64 first place votes, and 1,587 points, giving them a 100+ point cushion between them and #2 Nebraska. That is the best ever ranking in Baylor program history and the first time they’ve ever been ranked #1.

BYU comes in next, and that’s it for teams above the Golden Eagles. Wisconsin is the next highest ranked opponent, staying steady at #13 this week. Big East foe Creighton is ranked #14, same as last week as well. Illinois move up two spots from #20 to #18, and that wraps it up. There are no teams on Marquette’s schedule lower than that or earning a spot on more than one ballot this week.

Marquette returns to action on Wednesday when they make their first Big East road trip of the year. They’ll be in Cincinnati for an 11am start against 1-0 in conference play Xavier.

You can check out the full top 25 right here.