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The Marquette Men’s Basketball Career Field Goals Made Chart

We’re coming to this one a little bit late, as the new record has already been set.

NCAA Basketball: Marquette at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you should be more than familiar with our series of regularly updating leaderboards for various Marquette Golden Eagles sports accomplishments. Keep checking back to that link in the previous sentence for our charts as the seasons continue to churn through history and MU’s various teams continue to create new memories and accomplishments.

In this one, we’re going to talk about a record that we forgot to pay attention to last season and at the start of the 2019-20 season. It’s Career Field Goals Made, and Markus Howard has already set the record.

Howard entered this season with 627 career field goals, tying him with Damon Key for the seventh most in program history. He was just 99 away from Jerel McNeal’s career record of 726 field goals, and after a junior year with 252 makes and a freshman year career low of 136 makes, we probably should have been more on the ball about Howard getting to this record before now.

Heading into January 11th’s game against Seton Hall, Howard is already up to 736 field goals in his Marquette career. The record was broken late in the first half against Providence at Fiserv Forum, off this inbounds play and assist from Jayce Johnson:

Howard and McNeal are the only two players to ever break 700 field goals in a career, and they’re actually the only two to break 680. With 16 games guaranteed left to go in Howard’s senior season, this one is on track to go soaring past 800. That might make this record completely untouchable by the time Howard is finally done.

Sacar Anim is second on the team in field goals made this season with 71, giving him 292 in his career. Nothing against him, but I feel that he doesn’t have another 315 in him this year to bust past Don Kojis into the top 10.

Here’s the chart as it stands after COVID-19 ended the 2019-20 season.

Marquette MBB Career FG Made

Rank Player FG Made
Rank Player FG Made
1 Markus Howard 864
2 Jerel McNeal 726
3 Bo Ellis 674
4 Lazar Hayward 667
5 Butch Lee 666
6 George Thompson 656
7 Damon Key 627
8 Dominic James 626
9 Tony Smith 615
10 Don Kojis 603