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The Marquette Men’s Basketball Career Free Throws Made Chart

I hope you’re looking forward to seeing Wesley Matthews’ record fall.

NCAA Basketball: Xavier at Marquette
Look. Pictures of free throws are boring.
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By now, you should be more than familiar with our series of regularly updating leaderboards for various Marquette Golden Eagles sports accomplishments. Keep checking back to that link in the previous sentence for our charts as the seasons continue to churn through history and MU’s various teams continue to create new memories and accomplishments.

Here, we’re going to talk about Markus Howard’s assault on Wesley Matthews’ career free throws made record.

This is important to talk about because Howard’s quest is almost over.

Through Marquette’s January 15th game against Xavier, Markus Howard has drained 501 free throws in his career. He’s just the second Marquette player to ever connect 500 times in a career. He is now just 48 free throws away from tying and 49 free throws away from passing Matthews’ career record.

This will happen sooner than you think.

Howard is currently averaging a career best 7.1 made free throws per game this season, largely because he’s averaging a career best 8.1 attempts per game. He’s also ranking third in the country in fouls drawn per 40 minutes per, which means he’s doing about as much as he possibly can to get to the line this season.

With an average of 7.1 makes per game, Howard is on track to break Matthews’ record in roughly seven more games. For now, we’ll project Howard to break the record on the road against Villanova on February 12th. However, if Georgetown or St. John’s, Marquette’s next two opponents, get a little loosey-goosey with where they’re putting their hands, perhaps we will get to see the record fall on February 9th. That’s the National Marquette Day game at home against Butler.

We’ll also be watching Howard’s quest to be the first Marquette player with 600 made free throws. He’s currently on pace to get there. 7.1 freebies per game in 13 more regular season games and one Big East tournament game has Howard on track to rack up 99 more makes this season. That’s exactly 600 in his career, and we certainly hope that MU’s postseason progress goes further than one Big East tournament game.

In-Season Update! Hey, look at that. Howard actually did break the record on the road against Villanova. Neat. Shouts to approximation.

Here’s what the top 10 list looks like after COVID-19 ended the 2019-20 season.

Marquette MBB Career Free Throws Made Chart

Rank Player FT Made
Rank Player FT Made
1 Markus Howard 599
2 Wesley Matthews 549
3 Dean Meminger 493
4 Jimmy Butler 461
5 George Thompson 457
6 Davante Gardner 430
7 Tony Smith 406
8 Butch Lee 403
9 Bob Wolf 393
10 Rube Schulz 390