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Ed Morrow Parts Ways With Marquette Basketball

The redshirt senior is still enrolled.

Big East Basketball Tournament - Semifinals Photo by Porter Binks/Getty Images

Ed Morrow is no longer a member of the Marquette men’s basketball team. Today, the team announced through Twitter that Morrow, who has missed the last three games due to personal reasons, will not be returning. Morrow is still enrolled at Marquette and is expected to graduate in May.

It is difficult to say why Morrow has left the team as the team has released very little information, aside from “personal reasons”. Morrow saw his playing time diminished this season because of the addition of Jayce Johnson and Morrow’s struggles with turning the ball over. Morrow was limited to single digit minutes in each of his last three games with the Golden Eagles.

Morrow’s career with Marquette had some bright moments like his game saving block of noted poor shooting center Ethan Happ. However, Morrow struggled with his health at Marquette and failed to expand his game out of the paint like he hoped/expected to when transferring here from Nebraska. Because of multiple injuries to his lower body and core, he missed months of crucial practice time and was sapped of the athleticism he had in high school and his first year at Nebraska. Both head coach Steve Wojciechowski’s repeated statements that Marquette would play two-big sets and Morrow shooting 3s in scrimmages this offseason gave some hope to him playing the power forward position this year. However, after seeing his mid-range jumper a few times this season, it is clear his shot is still years away from being a weapon at the high major Division 1 level and additionally, he is still too slow to defend opposing power forwards, particularly of the stretch 4 variety.

The loss of Morrow primarily hurts because Marquette now only has two players who can play center. Both Theo John and Jayce Johnson are prone to picking up fouls and without a third center, there could be issues like in the Georgetown game where both were close to fouling out. I do not expect Morrow’s absence to impact Marquette’s playing style as he never initiated offense nor was given many touches in the post. Although it is never great to see a player leave in the middle of the season under any circumstances, Morrow’s departure should be one Marquette can take in stride. Hopefully, this is the result of a lack of playing time and not a deeper issue within the team like there seemed to be last season in retrospect.

Best of luck to Ed in whatever he does next.