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Fanatics Leaks The New Marquette Men’s Basketball Uniforms

Just putting things on sale all willy-nilly, with no care for street dates.....

Georgetown v Marquette
Here’s Jamal Cain in what is now the old white uniforms.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Ever since last June, we’ve been expecting to see a new Marquette men’s basketball uniform design for the 2020-21 season. Last June, the team announced the jersey numbers for newcomers Symir Torrence, Jayce Johnson, and Dexter Akanno along with the note “Uniform changes coming in 2019-20 and 2020-21.” The “changes” we got last year were expected minor alterations with the debut of a new black uniform and what I believe was a new variation on a gray uniform that no one asked for.

The minor adjustments by way of colors for 2019-20 was what we expected given that the number announcements showed each player in the uniforms that Marquette wore last season. However, the general thought process was that the changes for 2020-21 would be a dramatic shift away from the centennial unis that MU wore during the entire Markus Howard era.

And so we’ve been inching closer and closer to the start of basketball season with no debut of new uniforms. There’s been lots of “Picture Day!” tweets and Instagram reels from the various Golden Eagles teams..... but nothing from men’s hoops. We’re right about the time of the year where Marquette Madness would be happening without a pandemic, so we were just sitting and twiddling our thumbs and waiting to see what would officially be announced.....

Until Saturday morning, that is, when @ejb1333 fired up the Twitter machine.

In case you are wondering, that’s a screen shot from Fanatics, where you can buy this replica jersey for the low low price of $74.99. In case you’re further wondering, no, we’re not just speculating wildly here. Paint Touches reached out to the MU athletic department and confirmed that yes, this is the new uniform design for Marquette men’s basketball in 2020-21 and the official debut/reveal is coming in the next week.

Let’s get into the things to note here.

  • I think it’s very clear that this is a little Photoshop-y, as it just doesn’t look quite right. The gold lettering and number isn’t quite on the same angle/plane as the jersey. I think it’s safe to say that the actual navy blue uniform will look a little bit better than this.
  • Speaking of things that aren’t quite right, that back number is waaaaay too high since there’s no name plate space. That’s a minor issue, but proper placement will affect what we think about the uni.
  • I can’t help but wonder if the numbering will look much better on an official jersey. Replica jerseys usually have the screened on numbering, while the official MU uniforms usually have sewn on numbers and letters. It’s possible that the sewn on numbers will have a more colorful shadow to them than just a ring of gold.
  • My gut reaction to these is “Sure, that’s fine.” While I love the intentionally simplistic retro concept behind the centennial uniforms, I feel like this is almost a little too simple as a follow up to four years worth of intentionally simplistic. I like the return of the color patches on the shoulders, and I like that it is both of the non-white standard uniform color set. I like the visual of the angle from right to left as well. We’ll see if the actual uniforms have a better numbering look which might drastically improve my attitude about this.
  • It’s also possible that I will like the other traditional color sets a lot more than this. I don’t think it’s a crazy opinion to think that the navy blues are the third best of the four standard uniform colors in the centennial set, with my personal opinion running Gold, Championship Blue, Navy, White, where White is a distant last. If you want to flip around Gold and Championship Blue, I’m not going to argue with you. As such, it would make sense that I’ll like a Gold or Championship Blue variant of this much more than I like this navy blue version. Hopefully we’ll get to see all four debuted in the rollout in the coming week, so we’ll see what happens.
  • Hey, this might just be a “this is a replica for a uniform that doesn’t technically officially exist yet, so actual product might vary as well as official uniform that it’s based on” thing, but, uh, anyone else notice that the AL for Coach Al McGuire is not on the replica? It’s very clearly on the centennial replica that you can still buy from Fanatics, and I would presume that Marquette didn’t intentionally remove it from the jerseys. Again, we’ll know more when the official unis are on display, but that’s something to watch.

I think that’s all that I’ve got right now as far as reactions or notable items go. What stands out to you? Fire up the comments section and sound off.


Do you like these new navy blue men’s basketball uniforms?

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