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Marquette Releases Official Photos Of The New Men’s Basketball Uniforms

This time, it’s the gold unis instead of the navy ones.

Seton Hall v Marquette
There’s a lot of Koby McEwen pictures below, so here’s one at the top.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

So we had a lot of fun on Saturday, as Fanatics was discovered to be selling a replica for the new design for the navy blue variant of the Marquette men’s basketball uniforms. As it turns out, Sunday was apparently Picture Day at the McGuire Center for the team, and thus we now have official (and well lit) pictures of the new design in the gold uniform.

If you want to get a lot of different looks, I highly encourage you to go check out the social media accounts for the guys on the squad, but we’re mostly going to stick to the official pictures that are up on the official team Facebook page here.

Okay, let’s dive in.

Let’s start with the front of the jersey, and we’ve got two pictures of that. Here’s Dexter Akanno:

And here’s Koby McEwen:

I wanted to include both of these because they give us slightly different views of the jersey front. The Akanno picture includes the waistband of the shorts, so we get to see how the jersey flows into the waistband. Also, it’s a good look at the lettering design on the Al McGuire monogram that’s now on the belt buckle spot of the waistband. The McEwen picture goes up a little further so we get to see the color patches on the shoulders. In both cases, we can see the numbers clearly. When talking about the replicas, I kind of presumed that the numbers would be more interesting looking on the official uniforms with the replicas taking a shortcut to the “shadow” on the numbers. That’s not the case. It’s one color for the whole thing, with the uniform color getting the accent. That feels slightly disappointing.

I do have a question that we can address now that we can see what the official real uniforms look like: Where the hell is Marquette supposed to put the Black Lives Matter patches? Or, perhaps more accurately: Where the hell are the Black Lives Matter patches?

Let’s go around to the back, where again we have two pictures. First Theo John:

And then Koby McEwen again:

There’s not much to say about either one here, as it’s exactly the view of the numbers that you’d expect to see. This does give us a look at the font for the player names, and it’s a pretty standard block typeface. I included the McEwen picture here because it does provide us a glimpse at the metallic tag in the middle of the back of the collar. I think it was last season that I first noticed the tags, but never got a solid look or explanation as to what they were. We can see here that it’s just the Marquette interlocked MU monogram.

Who wants to look at the shorts?

Based on the ink on the arms and the centered up bottom stick of a number, I’m pretty sure this is Theo John. The colors on the bottom of the shorts appear to have the same angle as the colors on the shoulders. For whatever it’s worth, the colors are flipped on the shorts. On the shoulders, it’s two navy blue patches and one Championship Blue patch. On the shorts, it’s two Championship Blue and one navy blue. I like that similar but opposite patterning.

One thing we don’t get from the official Marquette pictures is a look at the full gold uniform all together. Let’s turn the show over to Marquette Overload, everyone’s favorite Marquette basketball visual medium Twitter account:

I am very curious how they got their hands on these pictures, seeing as these are very well lit and I don’t remember seeing them pop up when I was looking at the players’ social media outlets on Sunday. I was under the impression this was a fan account, but now I have questions.....

Anyway, you can see Jamal Cain, Greg Elliott, and Koby McEwen in the full uniform very clearly here, so please enjoy that in whatever matter you see fit.

I want to include one more tweet, because it shows that there’s more thought going into these uniforms at Nike/Jordan Brand than just design and color scheme. Here’s Symir Torrence being pretty enthused about the new uni design.

You can click through to it if you want, but for historical record purposes, I want to pull out his picture of just the front of the jersey.

Go ahead and take a peek at the very bottom back hem of the jersey. Yep, that’s head coach Steve Wojciechowski’s “Win Every Day” mantra. I’m not sure if Torrence intended to display that seeing as it was the theme of his whole tweet between his text and the picture next to the neon sign in the McGuire Center, but it’s there.

On a different note, relative to something we were talking about last week, I am just going to point out that Nike/Jordan Brand has embroidered Wojciechowski’s mantra from his initial hiring press conference into the jerseys that the team will be wearing for the next several years and move on.

Overall, I’ll say this: I definitely like what I’m seeing here more than I liked what I was seeing in the replica leak on Fanatics. However, I also expected to like what I’m seeing more once I saw a real uniform and also once I saw the “obviously better than navy” gold uniforms. We still haven’t seen Championship Blue or White yet. Based on the appearance of the gold unis, I expect that the white set will be relegated to fourth best yet again, although I think that these whites will be better than the centennial whites. I am curious if we will see a gray variant of this set. While I absolutely hated the gray variant of the centennial set, it’s entirely possible that I won’t completely hate a gray variant of these if they still have the Championship Blue and Gold coloring on the shoulders and shorts.

So what do you think? Sound off in the comments!


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