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Marquette Basketball Extends An Offer To 2022 Guard Jeffery Brazziel

The Golden Eagles get local with their recruiting.

Marquette v Villanova Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

As always, recruiting is the lifeblood of a college athletics program, and that’s no different for Marquette men’s basketball. On Friday evening, we got word that the Golden Eagles coaching staff has extended a scholarship offer to Wisconsin native Jeffery Brazziel.

247 Sports lists Brazziel as a 6’5”, 170 pound shooting guard out of — wait for it — Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When there’s kids in your backyard that you believe can play for you and you can help develop into even better players, then you bring them in. It’s not a complicated equation.

And now we move into the rankings department, and well, I’m not going to dance around it. Brazziel is currently ranked #210 in the Class of 2022 by the 247 Sports Composite system. That makes him the #34 shooting guard prospect in the country, trailing behind other 2022 MU prospects like Justice Williams, Roddy Gayle, Rodney Rice, and Jaden Schutt, all of whom are top 100 prospects. 247’s Composite also has Brazziel as the #6 prospect in the state of Wisconsin for the recruiting class.

With that said.

Prep Hoops says Brazziel is the top prospect in the state. says Brazziel is the top player in the state. 247’s Evan Flood says Brazziel is one of the top two prospects in the state. So something’s either lagging behind or not coming together properly. I’m going to presume the problem here is that the recruiting database wizards are busy making sure their 2021 ducks are in a row before the fall signing period starts in a couple of weeks, and thus the 2022 things are lagging behind. For whatever it’s worth to you, the 247 Composite currently has Seth Trimble as the top prospect in Wisconsin at #87 in the country. If Brazziel is the top prospect in the state, then I presume it would be safe to call him a top 90 prospect for sure, if not better.

According to 247, Brazziel already has high major offers from Arizona State, Auburn, Georgetown, Maryland, and TCU. A quick skim of Brazziel’s Twitter shows that the ASU, TCU, and Georgetown offers have only just come in since September 29th. Those offers coming in over the last couple of weeks definitely lends credence to the idea that Brazziel’s 247 Composite ranking is lagging well behind his actual abilities on the court.

Brazziel has already had an interesting prep career, going from Bradley Tech as a freshman to Milwaukee Madison as a sophomore. Last fall, he wasn’t going to be playing basketball at Madison, but by January, he was at Destiny High School and on the JV team because of transfer rules. Now he’s at Martin Luther High School in Greendale for his junior year, but the WIAA rules about transferring are still holding him up for now. Anyway, the point of all of this is that his one year at Bradley is the only year of high school stats that we have for him right now. Max Preps says that he averaged 14.9 points, 7.6 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.8 steals, and 1.8 blocks per game, but to be clear, they only have 13 games worth of data for him.

Here’s a two minute highlight clip from July of this year:

And here’s three minutes from August:

And now, onwards to the scholarship chart. If you’re wondering what’s up with the (CV?) notations, then you need to go read this.

When the fall of 2022 rolls around, Marquette is probably looking at replacing Greg Elliott on the roster. You can never have too many talented ballhandlers available, so swapping Elliott for Brazziel in terms of roster construction sure makes a bunch of sense. On the other hand, Brazziel would be a luxury item in terms of the 2022-23 roster, as all three projected seniors are guards in addition to the two projected sophomores that have already signed up in the 2021 recruiting class. Still, you’re not recruiting a player for their freshman year, you’re building a four year rolling roster, and with three senior guards projected, then having a talented freshman guard around to learn the ropes with no pressure is a solid way to go.

If you’re looking at how many scholarships Marquette will have available for the Class of 2022, well, given the coronavirus exemptions given to the 2020-21 rosters, then it’s impossible to say right now. We know MU has two open spots on this year’s roster, and what Steve Wojciechowski does with those two along with the extra spot he has from the seniors after adding Kameron Jones and Stevie Mitchell will tell us a lot about where the 2022 recruiting is going. Unfortunately, we might not have a full picture on that until next spring.