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Who Are Marquette Men’s Basketball’s Active Stats Leaders?

Part of preseason prep has to be resetting our all-time leaders lists.... and, uh....

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 22 Marquette at Providence
Theo John: Leading Scorer
Photo by M. Anthony Nesmith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

By now, you should be well aware of the set of actively updating Marquette Golden Eagles athletics statistic leaderboards that we keep here at Anonymous Eagle. If not, I have conveniently created this link for you to go look at them. As we inch closer to the (theoretical) start of the 2020-21 Marquette basketball seasons, part of preseason prep work has to be resetting those stat charts that apply for the upcoming season.

And then I realized: Hey, wait a minute. Do I actually need to do that? How many guys on Marquette’s active roster are anywhere near any all-time records or top 10 lists?

That made me ask a question: Wait, who are Marquette’s active stat leaders?

So, I put together a Google Sheet. You can go look at it if you want, but I snapped it together quickly in a few minutes just to be able to look at everyone’s career totals in a quick manner without having to flip back and forth between screens. I’m going to just give you the career leaders in every department in a second here, but I want to stop off and point out something that I hadn’t actually realized until I pulled up the Marquette Basketball Reference page for the 2019-20 season to make sure that I grabbed everyone who was coming back from last season.

Did y’all realize that there are only five scholarship players on Steve Wojciechowski’s roster who have been in a Marquette uniform and in a game before right this second when you read this?

Jamal Cain, Greg Elliott, Theo John, Koby McEwen, and Symir Torrence. That’s it.

Dexter Akanno redshirted last year. D.J. Carton and Jose Perez transferred in this summer. Dawson Garcia, Oso Ighodaro, and Justin Lewis are freshmen. Two scholarship spots are sitting open. That’s 13 spots.

So yeah.

ANYWAY, onwards to the point of the exercise, which is actually only going to draw this into further focus. Just so we’re clear: This is Marquette stats only, so Koby McEwen’s numbers from Utah State don’t count.

Games Played: Theo John, 97
Minutes Played: Theo John, 1,686

Field Goals Made: Theo John, 182
Field Goals Attempted: Theo John, 316
Field Goal Percentage: Theo John, 57.6%

Three-Point Field Goals Made: Jamal Cain, 53
Three-Point Field Goals Attempted: Jamal Cain, 132
Three-Point Field Goal Percentage: Jamal Cain, 40.2%

Free Throws Made: Theo John, 105
Free Throws Attempted: Theo John, 200
Free Throw Percentage: Koby McEwen, 85.1%

Offensive Rebounds: Theo John, 142
Defensive Rebounds: Theo John, 255
Total Rebounds: Theo John, 397

Assists: Koby McEwen, 94
Steals: Jamal Cain, 58
Blocks: Theo John, 151

Points: Theo John, 469

No, seriously, Theo John is an active stat leader god, including reigning as Marquette’s active scoring leader. McEwen has 276, Cain has 361, Elliott has 279, Torrence has 49. In fact, I skipped a planned two-point shooting section because it’s just repeating the regular field goal stats a second time because John has never attempted a three-pointer, so obviously his two-point stats are the best on the team right now.

In terms of career top 10 numbers in program history, the only one that we need to keep an eye on this season is Theo John’s blocks. He’s currently holding onto the #5 spot in program history with 151 swats and can easily scoot up to #2 all time if Marquette plays a 25 game season. Luke Fischer is fourth at 153, Faisal Abraham is third at 172, and Amal McCaskill is second with 175. John never had a shot to get to Jim McIlvaine’s program record of 399 career blocks, so it’s not like the COVID shortened season is going to hurt him there.

There is one other thing to point out that isn’t in one of the stat charts that we track. Koby McEwen is already in line to end up as one of the most accurate free throw shooters in program history. His mark of 85.1% would be the fourth best shooting percentage in program history, but he’s currently 86 attempts short of the minimum that MU installed to have that one make sense. McEwen shot 114 freebies a year ago, so it seems reasonable to think that he could easily get another 86 if MU gets enough games played. Then again, he only attempted two free throws in Marquette’s final four games of the season last year and didn’t have an offensive rating above 90 in MU’s final six contests, so who knows what to expect from him this coming year.