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Marquette Women’s Basketball Offers A Scholarship To Janae Kent

I hope you enjoy talking about the very far future.

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It’s time to talk recruiting once again, as we have a scholarship offer from Marquette women’s basketball. We found out on Tuesday afternoon that head coach Megan Duffy and her staff have extended a scholarship offer to Class of 2023 guard Janae Kent.

As you can see from the tweet, Kent stands 6’1” tall. Considering that the Class of 2023 is your current sophomore class and it’s very early in the year, that’s pretty tall. If she gets taller but maintains those guard handles, she’ll be a pretty formidable basketball player by the time she lands on a college campus.

Then again, she’s a pretty formidable basketball player right now.

Yep, you read that correctly, Kent was playing — and leading her team in scoring — in a 15 and under boys league back in September, and there’s some highlights of her right there for you to watch. Why is she playing in an age-appropriate boys league? Well, that question is answered by the quote tweet where I got that tweet from:

Kent is playing in a 15U boys league because she’s already playing two years up in a 17 and under girls league and still needs a challenge. Like I said, already formidable.

Since Kent attends Oak Forest High School in the south Chicago suburbs, The Daily Southtown wrote up an article on her experience playing in that boys league. A few highlights:

  • Kent went for 30 points and 10 rebounds in her first varsity high school game.
  • Kent was getting trashtalked by the opposing boys and while leading her team in scoring, she went ahead and gave them the verbal business, too.
  • She averaged 15.5 points and eight rebounds as a freshman last season.
  • A scouting report from Oak Forest head coach Jeff Kelly:

“Janae led us in several categories,” Kelly said. “But it wasn’t so much stats that made her such a crucial part of our team. It was her basketball IQ, her ability to lead vocally and to handle adverse situations.

“In crunch time, we put the ball in Janae’s hands and she handled it like she was a senior. She could run the point, but also go grab 10 rebounds. She’s such a huge piece to our team.”

Here’s a 45 second highlight clip of Kent:

And a 72 second clip labeled “Freshman Season 1.”

If you’re looking for more highlights, go check out her Hudl page.

Onwards to the scholarship table......

2023 is a very long time from now. The projected seniors on the 2023-24 roster are the freshmen currently on campus that have never stepped foot on a court for an official college game. A lot can happen between now and then, so it’s hard to make any serious statements about what the Golden Eagles need in that recruiting class.

HOWEVER, we absolutely can say that Megan Duffy will need to make a big impact with her 2023 recruiting class. She’s currently projecting to have six scholarships coming open by the previous year’s seniors. No matter how the rotations shake out between now and then, that kind of departure volume is going to make a big dent on the program. As such, the Class of 2023 will need to have some major players in it for Marquette. It’s early to make any definitive statements about Janae Kent, but if she’s playing up with 17 year old girls now as well as crossing over to play against boys her own age, that’s a good sign for her ceiling as a player.