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Marquette Men’s Basketball Offers A Scholarship To Bryce Lindsay

The Golden Eagles have a coach from Baltimore, and so they’re recruiting in Baltimore.

Providence v Marquette Getty Images

Sure, it’s the fall signing period for the Class of 2021, but that doesn’t mean that the Marquette men’s basketball coaching staff is just going to sit around and do nothing about the classes down the road. On Friday, we found out that Steve Wojciechowski and his assistants have offered a scholarship to Class of 2022 guard Bryce Lindsay.

I wanted to make sure to include Jake Weingarten’s tweet in there for reasons that will be very obvious very soon.

Lindsay is listed by 247 Sports as a 6’3” point guard who attends Baltimore Polytechnic Institute in, obviously, Baltimore, Maryland. If that sounds familiar to you, that’s because current MU freshman Justin Lewis went to Poly and the two young men played together at least during the 2019-20 season for sure. There’s no weight listed for Lindsay, but there is a picture and he appears to be your average athletic 6’3” basketball player. There is no 247 Composite rating or ranking for Lindsay, nor is there an internal one at this point. That’s why I wanted to include Weingarten’s tweet, as his declaration of Lindsay as a four-star prospect is the closest we have to actual information at this point. I do also want to point out that Lindsay is listed as a combo guard for the positional ranking spots, even though there’s an N/A where a number belongs. If Lindsay is in fact a four-star prospect, then he should be ranked sooner rather than later, as 247’s Composite rankings are all the way out to #235 in the country right now.

Here’s something that Weingarten wrote about Lindsay back on October 21st of this year:

Poly Institute’s Bryce Lindsay wasn’t a popular recruit heading into the summer. Fast forward now, he’s showcased himself all summer long and a recent performance at Beltway Battle Showcase sparked interest from high-majors all over the country.

The 6-foot-3 guard can put up a frenzy of numbers on the score sheet. Averaging 14 points per game along with seven rebounds and five assists with Team Thrill. I’ve had coaches rave about his ability to lead an offense and plugin such a high-IQ on both ends.

So there you go. Here’s a scouting report on Lindsay from Lindsay himself:

“My game is being able to score at a high level in all three categories. I can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court, off the dribble, and catch and shoot. My passing skills and my IQ is elite. I have a Steph curry, Trae Young type of game.”

When I see player comps like that, I worry about whether or not that’s a list of the kind of guys that Lindsay is trying to model his game after or if someone is telling him that he’s as good as Steph and Trae Young. One of those is good and aspirational goal setting, the other is blowing smoke for no good reason and potentially harmful to a kid’s development.

247 says that Lindsay already has high major offers from Georgetown and Virginia Tech. That matches what Lindsay told Weingarten in that article I linked you to a moment ago, and a skim through his Twitter page indicates the same. If he is in fact a four-star prospect that’s merely under the radar for now, then he’s going to have more than three high major offers before long.

Here’s 75 seconds of Bryce Lindsay highlights:

It’s probably more informative to watch the Sophomore Season Highlights that he has on his Hudl page, since that video is 2:30 long. Unfortunately, I can’t embed that for you here.

And now, onwards to the scholarship chart.....

For the moment, Marquette projects to be replacing only Greg Elliott as a senior when Lindsay will be entering college. That would make Lindsay a pretty obvious one-for-one swap with Elliott in terms of relative position and space on the roster. I can’t say anything strong about role on the team one way or another because we’ve never actually seen Greg Elliott at full strength. In any case, you can see why Wojciechowski and his staff are after a guard with a large amount of potential.

Of course, with three scholarships projected to still be available for Elliott’s senior year, it’s hard to say what will or will not be open for the Class of 2022. I think it’s safe to presume that at least one of them will roll over to Lindsay’s class, because that’s just how these things seem to go. No matter how the scholarship situation shakes out, you can never have too many talented and trustworthy guards on a roster, and Lindsay would seem to project to fit into that model.