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Jameel Brown Includes Marquette Basketball In His Top Five

The Golden Eagles are still involved with a top 150 prospect in the Class of 2022.

Orlando Invitational Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

Let’s wander back in time a little bit to talk about a Class of 2022 prospect that recently included YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles in a cutdown list. The guy in question is Jameel Brown, and MU is joined by Penn, Purdue, Temple, and Xavier in what he is calling a Top Five list.

247 Sports says that the 6’4”, 190 pound combo guard out of Pennsylvania is the #131 prospect in the Class of 2022. Or, rather, their Composite system says that, and internally they have him at #122. That’s a bit down from the #108 Composite ranking when Marquette offered him a scholarship back in late September of this year. The good news, I guess, is that 247 has gotten some updated measurements for Brown, moving up an inch and 45 pounds. I just read it and type it, I don’t make it up.

From the looks of things, all of the other four potential landing spots for Brown were already involved in recruiting him when MU head coach Steve Wojciechowski made his offer official in September. The inclusion of Penn is of course the most interesting one, as that’s an Ivy League school and those coaches don’t even bother putting the effort in if there’s even a question that you will struggle in the classroom there. It’s also a pretty heads up play by Brown to keep his future beyond basketball in his thoughts when narrowing down his recruiting.

247’s Dushawn London got a chance to talk to Brown about the teams in his top five. Here’s what he said about Marquette:

“I like coach Killings, he actually used to coach at Temple so he has some Philly ties and has just been contacting me ever since the summertime. I like Marquette and they’ve been making me a priority. They have a PA kid coming in the 2021 class, Stevie Mitchell, so obviously they’re open to Philadelphia kids so that’s good. Their message to me was just to come in and make an impact. They’re not going to give anything to me so I have to come in and earn my spot.”

London also notes that this is definitely a top five for Brown, not a final five. Again, a pretty smart move by the kid to keep his options open if Duke or Kentucky suddenly comes calling. Brown seems to want to make a decision sooner rather than later, but since he can’t sign a letter of intent until November 2021, I’m not exactly going to be glued to the internet waiting for that commitment to come in one way or another.

I don’t seem to see any new highlight videos to include here that aren’t already in the article about his scholarship offer. That probably has to do with Brown breaking his wrist and missing his sophomore year of prep hoops. That’s the kind of thing that limits the amount of footage available in the last year to edit into a sizzle reel.

Let’s peek at the scholarship chart, shall we?

With Greg Elliott and Jose Perez scheduled to come off the books following the 2021-22 season, the Golden Eagles will be in need of backcourt reinforcements. A top 125 prospect like Brown definitely fits the bill there. 2022-23 looks to be the senior year for both D.J. Carton and Symir Torrence, and it’ll be Year Two for Kameron Jones and Stevie Mitchell as well. No matter what guards the Marquette coaching staff brings in, it looks — from here in November 2020 — like they won’t be asked to do a whole lot right out of the gate. Whether that’s a big deal or not for Brown, well, that’s up to him to decide. He did say that MU’s coaches have told him that everything will have to be earned, and that definitely looks like it will be the case.