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We Have Some Marquette Women’s Basketball Schedule Adjustments

The full league schedule from the Big East lasted four whole days before they fixed it.

NCAA Womens Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Marquette vs St. John
No, Coach, there’s 4 changes.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, remember back on Friday when the Big East announced the rest of the women’s basketball schedule? Remember when Marquette announced that their game on Saturday against Seton Hall was postponed basically minutes after the league announced the full schedule?

Well, on Tuesday, four days after making a big deal about the full schedule being announced, the Big East announced changes to the schedule. You can go read the league’s press release on every change (there’s actually only six total changes) that was made if you’re really into that kind of thing, but we’re here for Marquette’s changes.

There are four changes to the Marquette schedule, and two of them are really important since they were Marquette’s next two games as previously announced.

  • December 19th’s game at Seton Hall has been moved to January 15th
  • December 30th’s game against Connecticut has been moved to February 5th
  • January 2nd’s game at Connecticut has been moved to March 1st
  • February 7th’s game against DePaul has been moved to January 3rd

That’s in order of previous schedule. If you want it in the new chronological order, things look like this now:

  • Sunday, January 3: vs DePaul
  • Friday, January 15: at Seton Hall
  • Friday, February 5: vs Connecticut
  • Monday, March 1: at Connecticut

Nothing else moved for Marquette, so everything else is exactly as it as before.

The important detail here is that Marquette’s next two games after Christmas were supposed to be the two games against Connecticut back to back on the schedule just three days apart. Now, instead of starting back up on New Year’s Eve Eve, the Golden Eagles won’t be back out on the court until January 3rd when they tip off at the McGuire Center against I-94 rival DePaul. Either way, it’s still a pretty big challenge for MU directly out of the gate after Christmas break, as the Blue Demons are currently ranked #18 in the country and will only play UConn between now and then.

Marquette will wait until they have played 13 Big East games before tangling with the Huskies for the first time with the new schedule updates. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. It’s not like the Golden Eagles are going to be favored to beat UConn, but getting an extra month’s worth of games under their belt before tangling with the prohibitive favorite to with the Big East can’t be a bad thing either. Depending on how the rest of the schedule goes, Marquette may end up being the last line of defense in the conference when it comes to handing UConn a league loss for the first time since they were relegated to the American Athletic Conference.

Let’s all cross our fingers that this is the last time this season that the schedule needs to be adjusted.