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Your Championship “Week” Update: Tuesday, March 3, 2020

It’s here! It’s back! Thrilling postseason basketball every single day between now and March 15th!

Holy Cross v American
Joe Pridgen is the leading scorer for Holy Cross, coached by former Marquette assistant Brett Nelson.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images


Today, March 3, 2020, we get the start of college basketball conference tournaments! Every single day between now and March 15th, we will get some kind of college basketball win-or-go-home postseason contest. We have to call it Championship “Week” because while The Worldwide Leader In Sports will call next week Championship Week, the fact of the matter is that there is a huge pile of games this week. That means more than a week’s worth of championships being determined, even with just early round games, and thus Championship “Week.”

What we’ll be doing here is first and foremost giving you the schedule for that particular day. It’ll be broken up by each conference in alphabetical order, and then by time for each league. We’ll give you links to streaming only games where applicable, or just tell you what television channel to turn on if that’s the case.

That’s all we’ll have for today, since it’s the first day of tournament action. If there’s something wild and wooly that happens, we’ll mention it in the next day’s update at the very least. If the internet is giving enough to provide us with a video clip that we can embed here, we’ll do that, too.

We’ll also keep track of teams that earn automatic bids along the way. Not only the automatic bids to the NCAA tournament by winning their conference tournament, but also any regular season champions that get knocked out and thus earn an automatic spot in the NIT. Thankfully, Marquette is doing well enough that we don’t have to worry about the NIT’s capacity to accept the Golden Eagles, but it’s still important to keep an eye on who is going where.

Okay, let’s dive in to the schedule for the day! All times Central, by the way.


6pm: #8 NJIT (9-20) at #1 Liberty (27-4)
6pm: #7 Jacksonville (14-17) at #2 North Florida (20-11)
6pm: #5 North Alabama (13-16) at #4 Stetson (15-16)
7pm: #6 Florida Gulf Coast (10-21) at #3 Lipscomb (14-15)


6pm: #11 Campbell (15-15) at #6 UNC-Asheville (14-15)
6pm: #10 High Point (9-22) at #7 USC Upstate (12-19)
6pm: #9 Presbyterian (10-21) at #8 Charleston Southern (13-17)


6pm: #8 Milwaukee (12-18) at #5 Youngstown State (17-14)
6pm: #7 Cleveland State (11-20) at #6 Oakland (13-18)
7pm: #9 IUPUI (7-24) at #4 UIC (15-16)


6pm: #10 Holy Cross (3-28) at #7 Bucknell (12-19)
6pm: #9 Loyola Maryland (15-16) at #8 Lehigh (10-20)