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And Now, A List Of 2022 Recruits That Marquette Contacted

Instead of “Remember Some Guys,” it’s “Meet Some Guys.”

Marquette v Villanova Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Hey there. Did you see our article discussing the NINE NEW SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS that Marquette men’s basketball made this week for the Class of 2022? It’s a lot and you should go check it out.

That wasn’t all that Marquette did on Monday, which was the first day that Division 1 coaching staffs could initiate contact with prospects in the Class of 2022. They also made contact with at least 24 recruits. I say “at least” because below is a list of prospects that made it public that the Golden Eagles reached out to them. There might be more! We don’t know!

Anyway, let’s jump in. This is all in chronological order and it stops on Monday night. If Steve Wojciechowski is waiting til Tuesday to call a 2022 prospect, well, then it’s just not that important to our purposes here. Also: There are twenty-four guys to talk about here!!

Okay, let’s get going. We’re not going to go into as much depth for each guy as we would if there was an official scholarship offer made for any of these guys, because 1) MU hasn’t officially offered any of them so why waste ammo for future articles and 2) there are twenty-four guys to talk about here!! It took me over 3,500 words to talk about the nine scholarship offers!

Mason Manning

Mason Manning is a 6’1”, 170 pound point guard from Mississippi where he attends First Love Christian Academy. He’s currently ranked #87 in the country according to 247 Sports, and has offers from Baylor and LSU amongst others.

Gradey Dick

Gradey Dick is a 6’7”, 195 pound small forward from Wichita, Kansas, who attends Sunrise Christian Academy. You may be familiar with that prep school, as it is where MU prospect Kendall Brown is enrolled. 247 Sports currently has him as the #34 prospect in the recruiting class and the #9 small forward in the country. He already has offers from Creighton, Kansas, Baylor, and Texas Tech.

Trey Pettigrew

Moving a little closer to home, Pettigrew is a 6’3”, 175 pound combo guard from Oak Park, Illinois. He attends Fenwick High School. He currently does not have a rating or a ranking from 247 Sports, but he does have scholarship offers from Penn State, Milwaukee, and according to 247, Illinois.

Zocko Littleton

The 6’3”, 175 point guard hails from Albany, Georgia, and attends South Cobb High School. 247 Sports currently ranks him as the #64 player in the country, the #15 point guard, and the #4 player in the state of Georgia. The offer list for him is already very long, including Big East rivals DePaul, Georgetown, Seton Hall, and Xavier.

Fletcher Loyer

Marquette has had success recruiting in Michigan in the past under Steve Wojciechowski, so we’ll see if that happens again here. Loyer is a 6’5”, 165 pound shooting guard from Clarkston, Michigan. He currently does not have a rating or a ranking from 247 Sports, and he already has high major scholarship offers from Michigan, Nebraska, Purdue, and Utah.

Cade Tyson

It looks like Tyson does not have a 247 Sports page at this juncture. If I’m following the clues well enough, Tyson attended Piedmont High School in Monroe, North Carolina, but will be transferring to Carmel Christian in Charlotte for the fall. He averaged 22.9 points and 8.3 rebounds last year, and his older brother, Hunter Tyson, is currently enrolled at Clemson.

Nik Graves

Based on that list along with the Golden Eagles, we’ll file this one under “getting in the door early. Graves attends Durham Academy in North Carolina, but for the moment, I don’t seem to see a 247 Sports page for him, nor even a Verbal Commits page. If you know it exists, let me know in the comments. According to MaxPreps, he’s a 6’0” guard and averaged 8.1 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 5.1 assists this past season.

Tamin Lipsey

Well, Ryan James beat me to some of the important info here, as Lipsey is from Ames, Iowa, and attends Ames High School. The 6’1”, 170 pound point guard is currently ranked #93 in the country by 247 Sports, and for what it’s worth to you, that only makes him a three star prospect even if he is the top prospect in the state. His only offers so far are from Iowa State, Minnesota, and Nebraska. He might be only barely in the top 100, but that is a gold medal around his neck in the picture from the 2019 FIBA Americas U16 Championship.

Perry Smith

The 6’8”, 210 pound small forward hails from South Carolina, where he attends Legacy Charter School in Greenville. He does not have a rating or a ranking from 247 Sports yet, but he does have a scholarship offer from DePaul, LSU, Nebraska, and Texas A&M. As far as being a top three prospect in the state goes, well, that’s definitely possible as 247 only lists one guy from the state in their rankings right now, and they’re only going out to #99 overall.

Danny Wolf

So, I can’t seem to find much about Wolf. He does have a Verbal Commits page, so that’s something. He’s listed as a 6’10”, 220 pound power forward and has offers from Milwaukee and Western Illinois.

Jeffery Brazziel

247 Sports has Brazziel listed as a 6’4”, 170 pound small forward out of Milwaukee. Never a bad plan to stay in touch with a local guy. He doesn’t currently have a rating or a ranking, and he has scholarship offers listed from East Tennessee State, Grambling State, and Milwaukee. For whatever it’s worth as we continue here, 247 Sports currently doesn’t have any Wisconsin prospects in their top 100.

Jack Rose

Hailing from Salem, Wisconsin, Rose is a 6’3”, 165 pound shooting guard. His high school is just listed as “Central” by 247 Sports, but that’s Westosha Central for those of you playing at home. Same as Brazziel, Rose is not rated or ranked by 247 at the moment. His only offer right now appears to be from Milwaukee.

Michael Zanoni

The 6’4”, 180 pound shooting guard from North Carolina doesn’t appear to have any scholarship offers at all yet. I presume that’s some sort of weird oversight on the part of 247 Sports, as there’s no way that Illinois and Marquette are calling up a guy who doesn’t have an offer from one of the approximately nine million D1 schools in the Carolinas. He’s not currently rated or ranked by 247 Sports, and they have just one player from NC in the top 100 at the moment.

Jameel Brown

For a minute there, you thought the trend was toward guys who haven’t quite broken through on a national recruiting level, didn’t you? Well, not so fast my friend! Brown is a 6’3”, 145 pound combo guard according to 247 Sports, and I immediately went to Verbal Commits when I saw that weight. VC marks the Philadelphia area prospect at 170 pounds. That’s more like it. Anywho, he’s currently ranked #71 in the country and #6 amongst combo guards. In addition to the new offers listed in that tweet, he also has offers from Auburn, Purdue, and Temple.

Tyson Commander

Is it safe to say that this is the best name on the list? Not “best name” in terms of best prospect, but the literal words in the name? Commander is a 6’3”, 170 pound combo guard out of Maryland where he attends the John Carroll School. He’s not currently rated or ranked by 247 Sports, but three-elevenths of the Big East has an offer out to him already: DePaul, St. John’s, and Xavier.

Jasen Green

I’m always entertained when Marquette just wanders straight into the backyard of another Big East school for a potential prospect. That’s the case here for Green, as he attends Millard North High School in Omaha, Nebraska. That’s just a 20 minute drive from Creighton’s campus. He’s a 6’6”, 205 pound small forward, and those new offers from Kansas State and Nebraska are his only offers so far, it seems. Green is not currently rated or ranked by 247 Sports, but then again, no one in Nebraska is right now.

Danilo Jovanovich

The Milwaukee area prospect is listed at 6’4” by Wisconsin Sports Network, but Verbal Commits agrees with the tweet there that he’s a 6’7” small forward. His new offer from Milwaukee is joined by a recent offer from Western Illinois as well.

Steven Clay

Clay is a 6’4”, 165 pound small forward hailing from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. As always, keeping tabs on local guys is good. He’s not currently rated or ranked by 247 Sports, but you can see the list of high majors that reached out to him. He already has an offer from Maryland and Milwaukee.

Donavan Short

I’ll be happy to roll with NY2LA here and call Short 6’10” for a couple of reasons. First, I can only find a Max Preps page for him, and he’s listed at 6’8” and 220 pounds during his freshman season there. Second, a 6’10” guy named Short is inherently funny. Think about pickup hoops. “We’ll take the short guy!” [a 5’7” guy starts to trot over] “No, the tall guy named Short!” Instant laughs. Is it more or less funny that he’s from Denmark, no not that Denmark? No idea!

Seth Trimble

Trimble is a 6’2”, 185 pound point guard coming out of Menomonee Falls, just like Steven Clay. It appears he’s sprouted up fairly recently, as he was listed at 5’10” and 155 pounds when I put together a list of prospects for Marquette Madness in October. He’s not currently rated or ranked by 247 Sports but you can see the list of high majors interested in him already. It’s most likely just a matter of time before he pops into the rankings. FUN FACT: He’s the younger brother of former Menomonee Falls star and UNC player J.P. Tokoto.

Leon Bond

A native of Milwaukee, Bond attends Wauwatosa East High School. He’s a 6’5”, 180 pound small forward, and for the moment, he is not rated or ranked by 247 Sports. Milwaukee appears to be his only offer so far, but if Virginia is reaching out, then it’s a safe bet that big things are in store for Bond in the future.

Chisom Okpara

It’s always fun to see a high school of a current MU player pop up when doing these recruiting updates. That’s the case here, as Okpara attends Vermont Academy, which is where Symir Torrence wrapped up his prep career. Okpara is a 6’7”, 195 pound small forward, and he’s currently ranked #86 in the country according to 247 Sports. Amazingly, that makes him the #28 small forward in the class, which makes me think that people are just generically categorizing a lot of guys as “small forward” until they get a better handle on their collegiate future potential. A third of the top 90 is small forwards? Seems unlikely. Anyway, Okpara has no interests listed on his 247 page, but you can see that is rapidly changing from the tweet.

Enoch Boakye

We’re going to bump into some ongoing problems with keeping track of Boakye going forward, I think. The 6’10”, 240 pound is attending George Harris Prep in Ontario, and that’s where we are getting some dissonance. 247 Sports’ internal system currently has him as the #21 prospect in the Class of 2022, which makes him the #3 center in the class behind two top 10 prospects. However, presumably because of the whole Canada thing, Boakye is not currently rated or ranked in the Composite system. It is what it is, and we’ve seen this same problem pop up when Marquette was pursuing Karim Mane. Arizona, Michigan State, and UCLA are just three of the high majors to already have an offer out to Boakye, and both Duke and Kentucky are listed as interested.

Chris Bunch

We wrap up with one final top 100 prospect. Bunch hails from northern California, where he attends De La Salle High School. I think we could call Concord part of the Bay Area, but I’m not a local, so we’ll need an expert to weigh in on that. The 6’6”, 185 pound Bunch is listed as a small forward, and is currently ranked #83 in the country by 247 Sports. That makes him the #27 small forward in the country (see previous conversation about that), as well as the #12 prospect in the state of California. He already has a ton of high major offers, including Creighton and Seton Hall.

Okay, scholarship chart time!

That bad boy is as fresh as fresh can get after the NCAA approved D.J. Carton’s waiver on Wednesday. For the moment, all we know about what Marquette is looking for in the Class of 2022 is that Greg Elliott currently projects to be the only scholarship coming off the books after the previous season. The word “currently” is doing a lot of heavy lifting in that sentence, as MU has two open scholarships for this coming fall which will likely turn into five open scholarships for the fall of 2021-22. Until Steve Wojciechowski puts a commitment (or two or three) on the board for the Class of 2021, we don’t really know what the plan is for those open spots going past that. We might see two spots roll into 2022, which ends up changing the entire dynamic of things.