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Jaquan Harris Gets An Offer From Marquette

The Golden Eagles are staying busy with the Class of 2022.

Grambling v Marquette Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

We’ve already published a look at nine new scholarship offers from Marquette men’s basketball for the Class of 2022, and on Thursday, we took a look at a whole bunch of guys that Marquette reached out to on the first day of contact with that recruiting class. If you were paying close attention, then you may have noticed a number change between that offer article and that contact article.

Well, that’s because between starting the offer article and finally publishing the contact article, one of the guys that was going to be in the contact article picked up an offer from head coach Steve Wojciechowski. Thus, I pulled him out, and we’re going to talk about him now.

The guy in question is Jaquan Harris, a 6’4”, 180 pound point guard from New Jersey.

According to both 247 Sports and Harris’ own Twitter profile, he attends St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Edison, not far from his listed home town of North Brunswick. At the moment, Harris is not rated or ranked by 247 Sports. However, as we discussed in the contact article previously, 247 Sports is only out to 99 guys with rankings in the Class of 2022. It’s a very short list at this point, so there’s nothing really to be made from his lack of attention at this point.

In fact, you can point to the offer list on 247 Sports as evidence that it’s just a matter of expanding the list to a top 150 to get Harris included. Marquette is one of four Big East schools with an offer out to him already, with UConn, Seton Hall, and St. John’s also on the trail. Rutgers has also offered because Steve Pikiell is not a goof, and Harris also has offers from Auburn and Illinois. is doing a heck of a job trying to provide stats for high school basketball in the state, and good for them. According to what they’ve got, St. Thomas Aquinas went 23-5 this past season, which is good. In the 26 games that they have stats for Harris, he averaged 15.0 points per game along with 4.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists. That also seems pretty good, especially when you consider that he didn’t lead the team in scoring. The stat sheet shows Harris connecting on a team high 58 three-point buckets. That’s 2.2 per game, so the only question is how many times he shot to get there.

I do enjoy seeing highlight videos published in the last six weeks. I only wish that this was longer than 1:43.

The only other video that I can see appears to be from nearly three years ago, and that’s not particularly useful for what we’re trying to accomplish here. Harris does have a Hudl page, and there’s a “Sophomore Highlights” video from mid-April that’s nearly six minutes long and advises us that his nickname is “Slick.” I for one am all in favor of having a player on the MU roster that we could refer to as The Doctor Of Style.

Here’s the Marquette scholarship chart as it currently stands.

If Harris is a point guard, then he’d fit right in with what we know Marquette needs for the Class of 2022. The only scholarship player that MU projects to be losing from the previous season is Greg Elliott, and so Harris fits right into Elliott’s spot in terms of the need for backcourt players. In addition to that, given D.J. Carton’s newfound immediate eligibility, both Carton and Symir Torrence will be seniors in 2022, thus making 2022 a very good year to make sure to add the point guard of the future.