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How To Watch: The Basketball Tournament 2020 Quarterfinals Day 2

Who will join Golden Eagles & Red Scare in the semifinals?

Chris Coakley scored big for Herd That in their last game; can he do it again?
Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Did everyone enjoy yesterday’s TBT action? YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles alumni team advanced to the semifinals for the third straight year, and if you missed that, you can read the recap over here. They play Red Scare, the Dayton alumni team, tomorrow afternoon, but today The Basketball Tournament will fill in the other side of the semifinals.

In game #1 today, we get #2 seed Overseas Elite against #23 seed Herd That. Overseas Elite is, of course, the program that has won four TBT titles, and won them all in a row at that. They haven’t quite fielded the exact same squad that won the whole shebang in the past this year, but they still beat Armored Athlete, 76-70, in the Super 16. Pooh Jeter had 22 points to lead the way for OE, and NBA All-Star Joe Johnson chipped in 13 points, five rebounds, and four assists. Herd That is the scrappy underdog of the tournament at this point, and the Marshall alumni squad is more than happy to accept that mantle. They got here after a 102-99 victory over #7 The Money Team in the Super 16, and we have to point out that they were trailing by nine points when the Elam Ending started. Ryan Luther’s Elam Ender finished off an 18 point rally by Herd That, and that’s just kind of the way TBT goes sometimes. TMT had a list of dudes on their roster that you’d recognize if you’re a big college basketball fan, but at the end of the day, the Marshall guys advanced. Chris Cokley poured in 32 points and Jacorey Williams added 30 for Herd That, and they’re probably going to have to do that again if they want to get past the most dominant TBT program ever.

Game #2 of the afternoon features #3 Boeheim’s Army facing off #22 Sideline Cancer. It’s a bunch of dudes from Syracuse against a program that has appeared in every single TBT event. The Syracuse guys fended off a strong showing from #19 seed Men of Mackey in the Super 16, making Dan Dakich’s prediction of a blowout look really really stupid and unprofessional. It was a seven point margin at the end, 76-69, but that doesn’t really tell the story of how close the Purdue alumni squad was to pulling off the win. Four BA guys scored in double figures in the game, led by 20 points from Eric Devendorf. Donte Green had probably the best game of any of the Syracuse guys, adding 16 points, nine rebounds, and four steals. This will be the third game of the tournament for Sideline Cancer as they had to start off in the first round with a 93-91 win over #11 Team Hines to get here. Marcus Keene drilled a shot over Ethan Happ to provide the win there, and then in their next contest, it was a much more comfortable 76-66 win over #6 seed Team Challenge ALS. A well rounded scoring attack was the order of the day, with four SC players scoring at least 13 points. They were led by 17 from Remy Abell but I think the best outing belongs to Pacific’s Eric Thompson, who had 15 points and 13 rebounds. Keene contributed 16 points, three rebounds, and six assists, so he will be heard from no matter what.

The Basketball Tournament 2020

Quarterfinals Day 2

All times Central, and all games on ESPN.

1pm: #2 Overseas Elite vs #23 Herd That
3pm: #3 Boeheim’s Army vs #22 Sideline Cancer