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Should Marquette Hang A Banner For The Basketball Tournament Championship?

No, but seriously, but also not seriously, but also seriously.

Providence v Marquette
Should there be a TBT championship banner up in the Fiserv rafters next to these banners?
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, the Marquette alumni team won the 2020 version of The Basketball Tournament. If you didn’t see it, you can read our recap of it right over thisaway, and you can relive Travis Diener’s $1 million game winning Elam Ender right here:

The question going forward now is how much Marquette should celebrate the accomplishment of their alumni squad. Obviously the university and the athletic department has been incredibly supportive of the team, both online and turning over the gyms at the McGuire Center in the past for pre-tournament training camp. But we’re wondering: Should there be a permanent monument to the 2020 TBT title?

Should Marquette hang a banner for a TBT title? Should they only hang it at the McGuire Center? Should it go up in the Fiserv Forum rafters?

Let’s do a pros and cons list.


#1 - Winning is awesome and it should be celebrated.

A bunch of Marquette guys did an awesome thing and it would be really cool to see a banner up next to Marquette’s other accomplishments to celebrate it.

#2 - This wasn’t just a one-off accomplishment.

There had been a Marquette alumni squad in each of the last four TBT events. They came in during Year Three of TBT and made deep runs in each and every year that they competed. The squad kept getting closer and closer to a title before finally pulling it off this year in their fifth attempt. It’s been a long quest to get this title, not just a lucky first swing at the piñata.

#3 - It gives the coaches a physical object as a talking point for recruits.

“Hey, if y’all choose to attend Marquette, then y’all will have a chance to play on the highly successful TBT alumni squad because you’re not just here while you’re in college, you’re a part of a family for the rest of your life.”

#4 - It inspires memories.

Seeing a TBT banner will cause us all to go “Hey, remember when the MU guys did that? That was awesome.” That’ll be fun! And then we’ll think about Chris Farley, too, and that will also be fun.

#5 - It’s a motivational object for the current team.

This one only really works in Fiserv, I think. If it’s in the McGuire Center, then it’s in the arena, and the men’s team usually sticks to the practice gym and is rarely in the arena. In any case, the point here is that the current team (not just the 2020-21 roster, but whatever year it is in the future) will see the banner and be reminded of how much Marquette fans loved seeing the team win a title and strive to recreate that feeling for the fans.


#1 - It’s really dorky.

The College Basketball Internet Community likes to make a lot of fun of Tom Crean and his propensity to overcelebrate even the smallest accomplishment. Putting up a TBT banner is in that vein, and do we really want to open ourselves up to jokes?

#2 - Once it goes up, it has to stay up.

So what happens when TBT stops being a thing? What happens when Marquette starts not making deep runs into the TBT bracket on a regular basis? What happens when Marquette stops fielding a team regularly? Once the banner gets hung on the wall/in the rafters, you can’t take it down. Hanging an NCAA title banner is a no-brainer because you’re always chasing after that goal every single year. If there won’t be a Marquette TBT squad, then a banner commemorating the title for something you’re not even trying to do starts to get awkward pretty quickly.

#3 - It wasn’t only Marquette guys on the roster.

I’m not trying to be mean to Mo Charlo, Jarvis Williams, and game winning assister Elgin Cook here. The fact of the matter is that there were guys who didn’t put on the blue and gold in college helping win TBT this year. As such, it’s not a completely Marquette accomplishment and thus maybe doesn’t deserve a full-time and permanent Marquette monument.

So whaddya think? Thumbs up or thumbs down on a banner? Did I miss a potential reason to hang a banner or an obvious reason why Marquette shouldn’t hang a banner? Is there something else that Marquette should do to commemorate the championship? Vote in the poll below and fire off the opinions in the comments section.


Should Marquette hang a TBT championship banner?

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    Yes, at Fiserv & the McGuire Center
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    Yes, but only at Fiserv
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  • 45%
    Yes, but only at the McGuire Center
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