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Marquette In The NBA Bubble: August 11, 2020

Only one game to talk about, and it doesn’t technically have any official Marquette connection.

Milwaukee Bucks v Dallas Mavericks
Yes, I’m using a picture of Wesley Matthews even though he sat this one out. Such is life. Also they didn’t have a still image of Giannis’ headbutt.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Milwaukee Bucks 126, Washington Wizards 113 — Well, it wasn’t boring, that’s for sure.

At a glance, it certainly looks like the kind of game you’d expect from the top seed in the Eastern Conference and the team that hasn’t won a restart game yet. Milwaukee won relatively easily, and even if you dig in even slightly deeper, you can see the the Bucks never trailed and even led by 22 at three points in the third quarter and by at least 15 for most of the fourth.

And yet, in the second quarter.......

That’s a flagrant 2 for the headbutt by Giannis Antetokounmpo, and that will presumably leave him suspended for Milwaukee’s restart/regular season finale. That’s... not great? The reigning MVP probably shouldn’t be getting himself thrown out of games for dead ball headbutts, if we’re being honest.


Brook Lopez stole the show, cashing all five of his three-point attempts in the game to lead the way with 24 points for Milwaukee. Sterling Brown tallied 23 off the bench as no one played more minutes than Brown’s 29. If we’re being honest, Giannis’ game was still pretty great, as he finished with 12 points and nine rebounds in only 10 minutes of action.

Wesley Matthews is our Marquette focus for this game, but he did not appear as he left the previous contest with a leg injury. Quite honestly, there was no reason to run him out there for this one. He wasn’t the only Buck sitting this one out, as he was joined in street clothes by Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe, and Donte DiVincenzo.

Up Next: Just one more restart game remains for Milwaukee before the playoffs get going. They’ll wrap up on Thursday with Memphis, and while it won’t matter for the Bucks, it will greatly matter for the Grizzlies. After Tuesday’s action, Memphis is sitting in the #9 spot in the Western Conference, just half a game behind Portland. They’re also in a tie at that spot with Phoenix and San Antonio. We’re guaranteed a Western Conference Play-In between the #8 and #9 seeds one way or another, it’s just a question of who ends up in it. The Grizzlies need to beat the Bucks to make sure it’s them as they currently hold the advantage over Phoenix and the Spurs.