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Class Of 2022 Guard Jameel Brown Gets An Offer From Marquette

Top 100-ish guards are always a good recruiting target.

Marquette v Villanova Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s been over a month since we had any Marquette men’s basketball recruiting news worth talking about on this here internet website. The last time we convened was to talk about TJ Power’s scholarship offer in mid-August. Today, we’re back with a new scholarship offer from head coach Steve Wojciechowski and his staff. This time it’s Class of 2022 guard Jameel Brown with the increased interest from the Golden Eagles.

247 Sports lists Brown as a 6’3”, 145 pound combo guard. His hometown is marked down as Haverford, Pennsylvania, but that might be because that’s the location of his high school, The Haverford School. Because I’m talking about a prep school in Pennsylvania, I know you’re immediately wondering so now I’m telling you: The Haverford School is a 10 minute drive from Finneran Pavilion on Villanova’s campus. Quite literally in Jay Wright’s backyard, and any time you’re going after those guys, I’m okay with it.

According to those fine and upstanding folks at 247 Sports, Brown is currently ranked #108 in the country in their Composite system. That means outside forces are a little higher on him, as 247’s internal rankings have him at #112. Either way, he’s a four-star prospect in the Class of 2022. Brown is the #16 combo guard in the country according to the Composite rankings, five spots behind fellow Marquette prospect Judah Mintz. Brown is also the 4th best prospect in the state of Pennsylvania, and considering that the guys in front of him are all in the top 40 in the country, that’s a pretty good place to be.

247’s scholarship offer list for Brown is pretty short: Purdue, Auburn, and Temple were his only Major Seven offers before the Golden Eagles made it official. He also has offers from UMass, Richmond, and finally, one that jumps out at me, Penn. As a 2022 prospect, Brown is just starting his junior year of high school right now. With just two years of high school grades on the books, Penn has already identified Brown as a kid who 1) can play for the Quakers and 2) a kid who can hack it in the classroom at Penn. You really can’t go wrong with that kind of a prospect, honestly.

While those are the teams listed as offering Brown a spot already, it’s clearly an incomplete list. Jake Weingarten from Stock Risers got a chance to talk to Brown earlier this month, and Brown also noted interest from Ohio State, Indiana, Villanova (there you are, Jay), and Stanford. A skim of Twitter search results shows that Brown also has offers from Xavier, Hofstra, La Salle, and Nebraska just since the start of May of this year.

Anyway, all of this high major attention is notable, especially the recent additions because of two things that Mr. Weingarten pointed out in his article. #1) Haverford went 28-0 during Brown’s freshman year. #2) Brown missed all of his sophomore year with a broken wrist. It’s been a minute since coaches have been able to put an eye on Brown regularly, but he’s still getting all of these looks and offers from notable programs. That speaks pretty highly of him.

Here’s two minutes of highlights of Brown, but I can’t speak to when exactly all of the clips are from. It was published in May 2020, but with the wrist injury coming into play, some of the clips might be very old.

The Haverford School has a Hudl page, and they went so far as to create a highlight reel of Brown’s freshman year back in June 2019. It’s six minutes long, and since it’s high school footage, that means that Brown is one of if not the youngest kid on the court.

Let’s go to the scholarship chart!

As has been the case for a while now, it’s hard to make any serious statements about where Marquette needs to focus their energies for 2022-23 until the 2021-22 recruiting is finalized. The Golden Eagles look like they’ll play whatever passes for a 2020-21 season with two open scholarships, and that availability will end up rolling into the next year. MU might already have two Class of 2021 commitments in Kameron Jones and Stevie Mitchell, but that would still leave them with as many as three open spots to fill..... if they want to do that. With only Greg Elliott projected to come off the books in the spring of 2022, pushing at least one more open spot to that fall makes an awful lot of sense.

In any case, Elliott is the only projected departure that Marquette will be looking to replace. As such, going after a top 100 guard is the obvious move, and that seems to fit with what the Golden Eagles’ staff is doing here.