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Marquette Vs Georgetown Has Been Postponed

That’s the second game of the year that the Golden Eagles have lost.

Big East Basketball Tournament - First Round Via Getty

Marquette men’s basketball is facing its second postponement of the 2020-21 season. On Thursday, January 14, the Big East confirmed that MU’s home date against Georgetown on January 20th will be postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pause that the Hoyas started on the 13th.

It’s the second game in a two week’s span to be postponed for Marquette. The Golden Eagles were originally scheduled to visit Villanova on January 8th, but that game got doused by a coronavirus problem in the Wildcats’ program. Now it’s the Hoyas not coming to Milwaukee to finish out the season series.

Seeing as the Villanova game hasn’t been rescheduled in the 10 days since it was postponed originally, I don’t see any point in trying to look at the upcoming blank spots in the Marquette schedule to see when the Georgetown game could be fit in. Quite honestly, with MU hitting 13 games — the NCAA minimum number required for eligibility in the 2021 national championship tournament — on Tuesday against Providence, I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary to worry too much about trying to get either game back on the board for Marquette.

I raised an idea when discussing getting the Marquette women’s basketball game against DePaul rescheduled that I wanted to bring up here. In this pandemic-altered season, is there any point in playing a conference tournament? The idea behind it is to sell a whole metric ton of tickets... and that is definitely not happening two months from now. Would it be in the Big East’s best interest in dumping the idea of the tournament..... but keeping the reservation at Madison Square Garden for four days of make-up games? Sure, scheduling it would be an absolute nightmare and you might only be able to get 16 games back on the board. But if teams need the games to be NCAA tournament eligible on Selection Sunday — Villanova has only played nine games right now — or if a game would tilt the result of the regular season championship, then maybe that’s the best option to even get the league close to the 110 game regular season total.

Marquette is set to take the court for their next game on Saturday morning against St. John’s, and oh yeah that’s right, that game has been moved from a 1pm Central tipoff to an 11am tipoff. It’s taking the spot on FS1 that has been vacated by Georgetown’s trip to Providence that has also been postponed. Is that more important news than the Georgetown thing? I don’t know, you can decide for yourself. After the SJU game, MU’s next scheduled game now is Saturday, January 23rd, at home against DePaul.