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Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Announces The 2021 Schedule

It’s not the spring schedule, because lacrosse is a spring sport and this is where it belongs.

Chris Kirschner
Chris Kirschner led Marquette in points with 20 in the seven game 2020 season.


While the timeshifted spring sports might get a lot of attention because they’re playing in a weird time for them, we can’t forget that springtime (or at least February) means it’s time for lacrosse at Marquette University. After all, Marquette is a lacrosse school. No one denies this.

ANYWAY, the point here is that on Wednesday, Marquette men’s lacrosse announced their 2021 schedule. It looks a little bit different than a normal Marquette lacrosse schedule, as the Big East has made some alterations due to the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of a five game league schedule to determine the four teams that qualify for the conference tournament, all six Big East teams will play their conference rivals twice, once and home and once on the road.

With the maximum game limits on NCAA lacrosse, that does fill out most of the schedule for the Golden Eagles this season. Still, head coach Andrew Stimmel still arranged for two non-conference games this season. Marquette will open up the season at home on February 13th against Cleveland State for the first one, and the second will come on March 17th — MU’s only non-Saturday game of the year — when they visit Notre Dame for a mid-week challenge. Feel free to start writing your “playing Notre Dame on St. Patrick’s Day” jokes now, but keep in mind that MU is 0-8 all time against the Fighting Irish.

In a bit of turnabout from standard tradition, Marquette will open Big East play this year against Denver. For whatever reason, MU/DU has been consistently scheduled as the last game of the regular season for both sides in the past several years. Every Saturday, even on both ends of the Notre Dame game, Marquette will take to the field either at home or on the road this season. The final home game of the year will come on April 10th when Georgetown comes to town, and the Golden Eagles will close out the regular season on the road against Villanova. The top four teams in the Big East will then take a week off — or maybe there will be makeup games scheduled — and then the conference tournament will be hosted by Providence over the second weekend of May.

There is nothing in the press release on the schedule that guarantees all seven Marquette home games will be inside the Andy Glockner Memorial Bubble at Valley Fields, so the door is open to games on the grass field with stadium seating at some point this season. That would definitely make it easier for Marquette to allow fans to attend games, because jamming extra people into the sealed bubble during a pandemic is definitely not a smart plan on any level. In any case, MU is not allowing fans to attend games at this time, but hey, maybe something changes by the time we get around to late March/early April.

Here’s the schedule as it stands right now. I have to say that, because there are currently no start times attached to any of Marquette’s games.

Marquette Men’s Lacrosse 2021 Schedule

Date Opponent Time (CT)
Date Opponent Time (CT)
Sat., Feb. 13 Cleveland State TBD
Sat., Feb. 20 Denver TBD
Sat., Feb. 27 Villanova TBD
Sat., Mar. 6 at Georgetown TBD
Sat., Mar. 13 Providence TBD
Wed., Mar. 17 at Notre Dame TBD
Sat., Mar. 20 at St. John's TBD
Sat., Mar. 27 St. John's TBD
Sat., Apr. 3 at Denver TBD
Sat., Apr. 10 Georgetown TBD
Sat., Apr. 17 at Providence TBD
Sat., Apr. 24 at Villanova TBD