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Marquette Men’s Soccer Crashes & Burns Against St. John’s

Well, that’s one way to take the fun out of your regular season finale.

Marquette soccer
A nice neutral picture.

Here is a real sentence I wrote in the preview for Saturday night’s Marquette men’s soccer game against St. John’s:

That leaves this match, this Saturday afternoon road contest in New York, as MU’s last real shot at gaining points in the Big East standings.

Your final from Queens: St. John’s 4, Marquette 0.

I am not making that up.

St. John’s scored on their third and fifth shots on the game, coming in the 25th and 40th minutes respectively, while holding the Golden Eagles without a shot at all in the first half. That’s your ballgame. The fact that the Johnnies tacked on goals in the 65th minute (four shots for MU by then) and the 72nd minute (still stuck on four shots) is completely incidental to how this match went. It was over at halftime, and in case you want to argue about it, I would like to point out that St. John’s outshot Marquette 13-5 in the second half. Sure, bad shots, with just four coming on frame for the Red Storm, but that’s not really the point when it took Marquette 46 minutes and 39 seconds to record a shot at all in a game that they kind of actually needed to win, is it?

With the rest of the weekend’s results taken into account, Marquette is currently in a tie for seventh place with Creighton at 10 points. That’s just one point back of sixth place DePaul, and only the top six teams in the Big East qualify for the conference tournament. Marquette has just one match remaining in the regular season, so they’re not mathematically eliminated, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut ............

Up Next: ....... that last match comes up on Saturday when they host #2 Georgetown. Or, rather, Georgetown is #2 when I’m writing this on Monday morning. Might change to #1 tomorrow when the new poll comes out. The Hoyas are on a three match winning streak after suffering their only loss of the season, including a 3-1 win over Xavier on Saturday.