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Marquette Volleyball Maintains Their Points In The New AVCA Top 25

As you can guess, that means their ranking positioning changed.

Marquette Volleyball

Monitoring Marquette volleyball’s status in the AVCA top 25 poll this year has kind of been a hoot. As discussed in the past, it seems that Marquette has a certain number of supporters in the poll, and they often keep voting Marquette in the exact same spots as they did the week before.

We seem to have a somewhat similar thing happening here as the Golden Eagles snagged 26 points in the new AVCA rankings that came out on Monday. That’s the exact same number of points that they had last week. That total made them the unofficial #26 team in the country last week.... but not this week. Now Marquette is the unofficial #28 team in the country with Illinois (44 points) and Miami (29 points) jumping past the Golden Eagles. Arizona State and Michigan are tied for the spot behind Marquette with 14 points.

The familiar names we always talk about from Marquette’s schedule are in the exact same spots they were last week. Wisconsin comes in at #3, Kentucky is still #5, and Creighton is holding onto being a top 25 team at #24.

As luck would have it, Marquette gets a chance to knock the Bluejays out of the top 25 this Friday and maybe replace them. It’s time for the second match between the two sides, and that will get started at 7pm Central time on Friday in Milwaukee. If you can’t make it down to the McGuire Center for the match, it will be streamed on FloSports.

You can check out the entire top 25 right here.