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Marquette Volleyball Is Still Hanging Around The AVCA Top 25

Just outside it, but the Golden Eagles are still earning a little bit of national attention.

Marquette Volleyball

Marquette volleyball started a new AVCA poll streak this week. After two straight weeks with exactly 41 points, Monday’s brand new top 25 poll showed the Golden Eagles with exactly 32 points for the second straight week. I presume that this is all the exact same voters just keeping MU in the same spot as the week before because 1) Marquette went 2-0 this past week and 2) they didn’t beat anyone notable so there’s no reason to change anything.

The good news from the new poll is that Marquette has returned to their spot as the unofficial #26 team in the country after one week at #27. Washington State tumbled a little bit this week after losing to USC and UCLA, so the Golden Eagles are back to being one spot outside the top 25. San Diego is the team holding down that last officially ranked spot with 139 points, a whole heck of a lot more than Marquette got this week. Illinois is the team right behind MU with 21 points.

Wisconsin remained the top ranked team on Marquette’s schedule this week as they moved up one spot from #5 to #4. Purdue dropping from #4 to #6 also benefitted Kentucky, MU’s second best ranked opponent of the year, as UK moved from #6 to #5 this week. Creighton is the last remaining ranked team, or even team earning votes on Marquette’s schedule this season, and the Bluejays dropped from #16 to #19 after losing on the road to St. John’s on Friday.

Oh, and speaking of those Bluejays.....

After a trip to see Providence on Friday night for the next match in the sequence, Marquette will be in Omaha for a road contest against #19 Creighton on Sunday. As always, Marquette/Creighton volleyball matches have the potential to determine the outcome of the regular season title in the Big East, and this one is no different. Even more than that, this match will likely be the deciding moment that determines whether or not Marquette moves back into the top 25 at all this season.

You can check out the whole AVCA poll right here.