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Marquette Volleyball Bumps Up One Spot In The AVCA Poll

It’s more about Michigan than it is about sweeping DePaul.

Marquette volleyball

After sweeping DePaul last weekend, I was figuring that there was a chance that Marquette volleyball might lose their grip on a spot in the AVCA top 25 poll. They were #25 in the poll, and beating DePaul, even twice in one weekend, isn’t anything that’s going to knock anyone’s boots off. If someone just outside the poll had a big week, or someone without votes at all knocked off a top 10 team, it might be curtains for MU.

But Marquette caught a break.

#24 Michigan finally got into action over the weekend over a series of postponements... but they lost both of their home matches against #11 Purdue. That was enough to bump the Wolverines out of the poll when the new one came out on Monday, and thus the Golden Eagles stayed in.

In fact, Marquette moved up to take Michigan’s spot at #24. The Golden Eagles snagged 179 points in the voting, putting them in between #23 Stanford with 202 points and #25 Missouri with 161 points.

The only team on Marquette’s schedule this season that’s either in the poll or receiving votes is Creighton. The Bluejays were inactive for the entirety of the past week, and that resulted in them going from #21 to in a tie for #20. Technically that’s not going anywhere since tied for 20th also means you’re tied for 21st, too. The Bluejays are in a tie with Western Kentucky in between Pittsburgh at #19 and Oregon at #22.

Creighton’s placement in the AVCA top 25 is particularly relevant this week since the Bluejays are coming to the McGuire Center this weekend for a pair of matches. I don’t know what the rest of the country’s calendar for the week looks like, but I’m pretty sure that #20 vs #24 twice over the weekend is a pretty big national story. Oh, and these two matches might determine who wins the Big East’s Midwest Division, as Marquette is already at 2-0 in the standings.

You can check out the entire top 25 right here.