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Marquette Women’s Basketball Offers A Scholarship To Jordyn Poole

Were you ready for Class of 2024 content?

Big East Women’s Basketball Tournament - Championship
Megan Duffy, doing work.
Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

We just had a whole big rash of big ol’ Marquette women’s basketball recruiting news in the recent past. If you missed out on it, be sure to skim backwards through our Marquette Recruiting page to get caught up. In any case, all of that news affected the 2021-22 roster. We now have some future roster news, as head coach Megan Duffy has issued a scholarship offer to Class of 2024 prospect Jordyn Poole.

Poole is a freshman at Fort Wayne Snider High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. MaxPreps lists her as a 5’6” point guard and with 17 games played in the 2020-21 season, they say that she averaged 13.9 points, 2.4 rebounds, 3.1 assists, and 1.4 steals per game. I don’t have anything for you in terms of rating or ranking information, as Prospects Nation doesn’t even rank 2022 prospects yet and ESPN only ranks 25 prospects in the Class of 2023. With that said, Poole does have a Prospects Nation page already and Prep Girls Hoops says that she’s the fourth best player in Indiana in the Class of 2024.

I want to take you on a fun journey that I went through when I saw that Poole had picked up an offer from Marquette. Obviously, the first thing to do is to punch her name into the Google Search Engine to see what pops up that might be useful. One of the first things that jumped out at me was this article from WPTA, the ABC affiliate in Fort Wayne. Anytime a freshman gets named player of the week for an entire ABC affiliate area, that’s pretty notable stuff. In this case, it’s because Poole went for 28 points as her team beat Homestead, 72-68. And so, I say to myself, oh, hey, look, Fort Wayne in Indiana has a Homestead High School, just like the Milwaukee area does.

And that tripped something in my head. Wait, don’t I know about Homestead High School in Fort Wayne for some reason? It might be because Duffy offered a scholarship to Ayanna Patterson from Homestead back in May of 2020. It also might be because Patterson, ESPN’s #3 prospect in the Class of 2022, just committed to Connecticut back in late March. In fact, it’s probably because of both of those things together. I think it’s kind of neat that Marquette has offered a scholarship to a freshman that guided her team to a win over a team with a junior that just committed to play for not just a Big East rival but the elephant in the room of Big East rivals. Poole went 6-for-12 from behind the three-point line and chipped in three rebounds, six assists, and three steals in that game.

As you’d expect, embeddable video is a little hard to come by for Poole at the moment. Here’s the video clip from WPTA:

Here’s a Fox 55 video clip of a 72-46 Snider victory where Poole scored 20:

Here’s an 8th grade highlight reel for Poole. It’s four minutes of highlights, so it’s a lot more that what’s in those TV hits.

She has a Hudl page as well, but it was created on November 13, 2020, and nothing has been added to the page since.

Onwards to the scholarship chart!

Poole is a Class of 2024 prospect. That’s so far down the road, she doesn’t actually project to play with any current Golden Eagles unless they opt to take their COVID bonus year. Kendra Gillispie and Makiyah Williams will be seniors that season, and they won’t be officially enrolled at Marquette til this coming fall. The only thing I can say about how she might fit into the roster at that point is “having talented guards is a good idea.”