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A List Of Class Of 2023 Guys That Marquette Contacted

Sure, there were a lot of scholarships offered on Day 1, but Shaka Smart and his staff are out there building relationships, too.

Seton Hall v Marquette Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

We already talked about the prospects in the Class of 2023 that Marquette men’s basketball offered scholarships to on the first day that coaches were allowed to initiate contact with potential recruits in that class. That wasn’t all that new head coach Shaka Smart and his staff were doing on Tuesday. There were a bunch of freshly finished sophomores/rising juniors that the coaches were looking to start building a relationship with, and those guys got phone calls or at least contact of some fashion on Tuesday.

Let’s rundown the list of guys who had someone in their orbit publicize that Marquette made contact with them, shall we? In what I believe should be chronological order........

Coen Carr

Carr is a 6’4”, 165 pound small forward out of Georgia, where he attends Dutchtown High School in Hampton. He does not have a rating or a ranking in 247’s Composite or internal systems. The only offer listed for him right now is Kennesaw State.

Mari Jordan

Based on the Georgia related information here, I’m going to presume that we’re talking about Lamariyon Jordan here. If that’s the case, then Jordan is listed as a 6’5”, 185 pound small forward by 247 Sports. He doesn’t have a rating or a ranking in their Composite or internal system, and the only offer he has listed right now is from Nebraska.

Chase Clemmons

Clemmons is a 6’0”, 165 pound point guard out of Atlanta, and he attends Mount Vernon Presbyterian there. Much like the previous fellow Georgians we’ve talked about already, Clemmons doesn’t have a rating or a ranking from 247 Sports yet, no matter what system you want to use. Unlike his fellow Georgians, the offers are already piling up here. Georgetown and Xavier are the big name here in terms of Marquette-related items, and Clemmons also has high major offers from Georgia, Houston, and Nebraska.

Matas Buzelis

Buzelis is a 6’8”, 175 pound small forward who attends Brewster Academy in New Hampshire, but he’s originally from the Chicago area. He doesn’t quite have the national oomph to get a 247 Composite rating or ranking yet, but internally, they have him as a four-star prospect ranked #46 in the country. That makes him the 10th best small forward in the recruiting class and the second best 2023 guy on his own team behind Taylor Bowen who recently picked up an offer from Marquette. If Buzelis was still in high school back in Illinois, he’d be the #2 prospect in the state behind only Kenwood Academy’s J.J. Taylor, who is the #8 prospect in the country. He has a notable list of schools who have already offered him a spot, including Illinois, Kansas, Syracuse, and UCLA.

Dallas Bear

We turn our attention to Iowa here, as Bear hails from Cedar Falls. He’s listed as a 6’7” small forward by 247 Sports, although they don’t have a weight for him. Rivals says he’s 180 pounds, and they also list him at 6’8” tall. No ratings or rankings yet, but it seems that Bear has been largely flying under the radar up to this point. He has an offer from Bryant out in Rhode Island and D3 Augustana. Somehow, I feel like the Vikings might get left behind on this one.

Jayden Lemond

Finally we get to a guy who has gotten enough attention to be in 247 Sports’ Composite rankings at this point. The 6’3”, 170 pound point guard is currently the #34 prospect in the recruiting class, which gives him a four-star rating. Lemond, who attends Blair Academy in New Jersey, is the sixth best point guard in the country and the fifth best prospect in the state. 247 says he has 11 scholarship offers already, including UConn, Providence, Seton Hall, and St. John’s just in the Big East alone.

Jahn Lamothe

Jahnathan Lamothe, if you’re being fancy about it, is a 6’4”, 180 pound combo guard out of Maryland, where he attends St. Frances Academy in Baltimore. No 247 Composite ranking for him yet, but he has made his way into their internal system. They have him as a four-star prospect and ranked #36 in the country. That would make him the fifth best combo guard in the 2023 group and the #2 player in Maryland behind only Kwame Evans, Jr., who is the #6 player in the country. It shouldn’t be a shock to you that Lamothe already has 17 scholarship offers already. The Big East is big time onto Lamothe already, with Creighton, DePaul, Georgetown, and Seton Hall already having issued an offer.

Reid Ducharme

We return to Brewster Academy for our conversation here, as Ducharme and Matas Buzelis are teammates. The 6’4”, 165 pound shooting guard from Boston doesn’t have the attention for a rating or a ranking from 247 Sports yet, but hey: at least he has a page to help us out here. Ducharme already has three offers listed, with Stanford leading the way as the only high major conference team.

Bryson Warren

Can I interest you in a potential top 50 prospect from Arkansas? Warren is a 6’2”, 155 pound combo guard out of Little Rock Central High School. He doesn’t have the scouting for a Composite rating or ranking from 247 Sports yet, but internally, they say he’s a four-star guy. Specifically, 247’s brain trust has Warren at #32 in the country and fourth amongst combo guards. That makes him the best prospect in the state of Arkansas for this recruiting class, and any time you can have a shot at swiping the best prospect in a state with multiple D1 programs, you should do it. Warren amazingly already has 22 scholarship offers listed by 247, with home state Arkansas leading the way there. He also has the attention of Georgetown, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Oklahoma, Seton Hall, St. John’s, Tennessee, and Texas A&M.