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Ryan Dunn Gets An Offer From Marquette Men’s Basketball

The Golden Eagles continue to work on Shaka Smart’s first official recruiting class as head coach.

News: New Marquette Mens Basketball Coach Shaka Smart Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

Shaka Smart’s first summer of recruiting at Marquette continues. The Golden Eagles currently don’t have any one committed for the Class of 2022, but the new head coach continues to work on fixing that. Case in point: Class of 2022 forward Ryan Dunn recently picked up a scholarship offer from Marquette.

247 Sports says that Dunn is a 6’6” 190 pound small forward. He attends Perkiomen School in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, which is near Philadelphia but really closer to Allentown. Dunn is not currently rated or ranked in the 247 Sports Composite or internal systems, but there’s kind of a reason for that. Back in May, Dunn announced that he was going to be taking a post-grad year at Perkiomen after graduating from Long Island Lutheran in Brookville, New York. When you suddenly change recruiting classes, it tends to do a number on the recruiting scouts knowing where to place you.

Division 1 offers have been rolling in for Dunn ever since announcing his post-grad year. Hofstra was the first to get involved on June 18th. His first high major offer came on July 3rd from Minnesota. Boston College put their hat in the ring one day later. That’s it so far for high major offers, but I would imagine that MU, UM, and BC won’t be the last to get in touch.

Details on Dunn’s prep career other than where he was and where he’s going next appear to be few and far between. I suspect Newsday might be a very big help based on some links I found, but all of their stuff is behind a paywall. I don’t have a problem with them making their stuff subscriber-only, but I’m also not signing up on the off chance that it’s actually useful.

I can’t seem to find any embeddable videos, but Dunn does have a Hudl page that was just updated most recently in late March.

Scholarship chart time!

With Darryl Morsell definitely done at Marquette after this coming season and 50/50 chances that Greg Elliott is done as well, the Golden Eagles definitely need guards or wings in the 2022 recruiting class. Dunn seems to fit that mold. With that said, I am a little bit leery of Marquette going down a road with someone taking a post-graduate year after that absolutely did not work out for Dexter Akanno in the slightest, even after he had a redshirt year at MU on top of that.

With that said, this is a new coaching staff making the evaluation. For the time being, we can extend Shaka Smart the benefit of the doubt when it comes to figuring out who can and can not succeed in his system.