These Finals could be good for Marquette

First time poster, long time reader:

As a Marquette grad currently living in Arizona, my allegiance in the NBA Finals is mixed -- Bucks or Suns? That's not what's important here.

I think the NBA Finals, and Milwaukee's overall playoff run, could prove beneficial in the short-term future for Marquette basketball. I say this directly because of the Deer District, and the overwhelming energy that is shown for every Bucks late-round playoff game on social media and each TV broadcast.

After the absolute height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a slow integration of fans back to live sporting events. It appears -- regardless of what your political views are of whether we should be gathering, masking, etc -- that the energy is at a high point for Milwaukee basketball.

I think the fans who may have been hesitant to see a basketball game in the past, and now have fallen in love with live basketball, could learn to love the college game as well. They already are familiar with the arena, and are immersing themselves with Milwaukee-area basketball culture overall.

If Marquette gets any small leakage of new fans at its games from this playoff run, I'll call it a victory.