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Yet More Marquette Women’s Basketball Scholarship Offers!

One new one for 2023 and SEVEN in 2024, including a trio of Wisconsin prospects.

Syndication: Milwaukee Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The summer recruiting season is still in high gear. We have not one but eight new Marquette women’s basketball scholarship offers to talk about here today! One of them is in the Class of 2023, while the other seven — including a pair of twins — are all in the Class of 2024.

We’ve got a lot to get to, so that’s enough preamble. Let’s see what Megan Duffy And Company are up to, shall we?

Class of 2023

Kailey Woolston

Thanks to Max Preps, we know that Woolston is 5’10” tall, and she hails from Highland, Utah, where she attends Lone Peak High School. Between Max Preps and a very robust stat page from The Deseret News — which says she’s 5’11”, by the way — we can tell that Woolston averaged 18.8 points per game last year along with 5.7 rebounds, 1.7 assists, and 1.6 steals as well. DN also has freshman year stats for her, and 9.9 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 1.3 steals per game is pretty great for someone just getting their feet wet in high school.

Max Preps has shooting percentage numbers for Woolston as well, and she seems pretty damn dangerous with the ball. She shot 48% overall from the field this past season, which works out to 40% behind the three-point line and 52% inside it. She also hit 96% of her free throws, and this seems like a good place to drop this in:

What’s crazier here: The fact that this record has stood for 20 years or the fact that no one has actually managed to hit all 100 attempts in a season before? Probably the second one, honestly, but you see where I’m going here.

Also: Please note the syntax in the tweet. I suspect that Mom and Dad are operating her account on occasion. It pops up over and over again as I skim to see about her other offers. On that note, offers seem to be pretty rare for her for whatever reason. I had to go all the way back to December 2020 in her Media tweets to find one from Utah Valley. Before that, it was September 2020 when Oklahoma State got involved. Her only other offer that there’s a tweet for came from BYU a few days before the Cowboys.

Here’s five minutes of highlights from her sophomore season:

And another five-plus minutes from her spring club games that just got posted in late June:

There are a metric ton of highlight clips in Woolston’s Twitter feed, so check those out if you want.

Class of 2024

Taylor Stremlow

You’ll see a running theme start with these 2024 prospects, namely Megan Duffy putting up a fence around the Wisconsin state borders. That’s the case with Stremlow, who is listed as a 5’7” guard by Prospects Nation. It’s pretty notable that she already has a PN page because you have to remember that the Class of 2024 is the group that just finished up their freshman season.

Stremlow had a pretty great freshman season for Verona. She averaged 11.6 points, six rebounds, and four assists per game, which is really great for a freshman. The team only went 8-5 buuuuuuut they did well enough in a weird COVID year to get into the WIAA playoffs and they got as far as the Division 1 state semifinals before falling to Germantown. The final margin was 76-57, but Stremlow had 18 in the semis, so that’s pretty good on an individual level, especially for a freshman getting her first taste of that kind of pressure.

It would appear that Duffy is getting in the door early, although it’s hard to say that when Stremlow only has one year of high school in her rear view mirror. Still, her only scholarship offers so far, at least according to her Twitter, are Green Bay, St. Thomas (which is just entering Division 1 this coming season), and Montana State. You’ll notice the lack of high major schools there, but then again, we’re still a year away from coaches being able to initiate contact with Stremlow due to her age.

I appreciate Stremlow making my life easier by putting a 90 second highlight reel from her spring club games right into her Twitter:

Britt Prince

Prince is a 5’11” point guard hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. How do I know this? Well, her Twitter bio gives me the Omaha part, and her ESPN page gives us the height and position. Yes, her ESPN page, even though she’s just coming out of her freshman year of high school. Prince doesn’t just have an ESPN page, she is a top 10 prospect in the Class of 2024. The World Wide Leader currently has her at #10 in the country in the class, two spots behind recent MU offeree Blanca Thomas.

Here’s a fascinating twist on her story: 2020-21 was the first season of girls’ basketball at Elkhorn North High School in Omaha because it was the first year of the school being open. The basketball team had no seniors on it because the school didn’t even have seniors, which is a pretty standard thing to happen when a school district expands like this. Even with that being a thing, Elkhorn North started off the season 12-0 on their way to a Class B state title. I can’t seem to find stats for the season, but I’m going to presume that Prince had a lot to do with that. She had 13 points, 14 rebounds, and six assists in the title game, which seems pretty good, especially for a freshman on a first year program in the state title game.

I couldn’t find stats for her, but I did find this to help tell a story about Prince as an athlete. She signed up for the cross country team as Elkhorn North got their first ever school year started, and, well....

In her first race at Norris, she finished the 3.1-mile race in 20 minutes, 47 seconds, with a winning margin of 17 seconds. Then she made it 2-for-2 by winning by 20 seconds at Gretna in 20:54.

So there’s that.

Prince’s Twitter is loaded up with high major Division 1 offers. Her last four, skipping over Marquette: Minnesota, NC State, Penn State, and Oklahoma. That’s just since mid-July. Her first ever Division 1 offer was just over a year ago, back last summer before she started high school, and it was Big East rival Creighton that made it.

Here’s nearly five minutes of highlights from back in September:

And here’s a three minute clip that was published on July 10th, and please excuse the very stupid comparison that the editor decided to assign to Prince.

Summer and Indya Davis

So let’s get this out of the way first: Summer and Indya Davis are twins, and yes, they’re both 5’9”. However, officially, they are fraternal twins. According to that article I linked to from early March of this year, Indya averaged 14 points, six rebounds, two assists, and two steals as a freshman for West Bloomfield, while Summer was at 8/3/3/3. They even provided a scouting report on themselves:

While the pair have many similarities on the court, they also excel in different aspects of the game. Indya says Summer is the better ball handler and is better at getting to the basket. Summer says Indya is the better shooter and is more consistent on the floor.

The article continues to point out that at this point, the twins consider themselves to be a package deal in terms of college recruiting. We’ll see how that goes, of course, because they’re still a long way from making any kind of decision, even on a cutdown list.

Marquette is the most recent school to make an offer, but high majors are very much already aware of them. Going backwards through a Twitter search, we get Michigan, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh all since late April of this year.

I’m going to drop in two tweets from their combo Twitter account. First Indya:

And then Summer:

Kayl Petersen

After our detours to Nebraska and Michigan, we return to Wisconsin and a player from the Flight Elite program. ASIDE: I can’t be the only person who thinks that Flight Elite has a Marquette-related bent to their program due to the, uh, let’s call it appropriation of the We Are Marquette logo for their logo? I’m not the only one seeing this, right?

Anyway. Kayl Petersen.

As you can figure out from the tweet, Petersen stands 6’1” tall and her club team says that she’s a wing player. Prospects Nation says she’s a forward, as does Max Preps, and her page says that she’s a small forward. This is all within shouting distance of each other, so close enough, I say. The tweet also tips you off that Petersen attends Waupun High School in Waupun, Wisconsin, which is about halfway between Fond du Lac and Beaver Dam if you’re up on your Wisconsin geography.

A scroll through Petersen’s tweets seems to indicate that teams haven’t quite caught on to her at this point. I’m seeing offers from Green Bay (July 2020), St. Thomas (April 2021), and Minnesota (May 2021).... and that’s it. This isn’t terribly surprising, though. Remember, she’s only just wrapped up her freshman year of high school, so we’re still almost a year away from coaches being able to initiate contact with Petersen.

Speaking of her freshman year, lemme drop this tweet in:

The second image is the important one to the point here, as it opens up saying that she started her prep hoops career with a 27 & 10 performance. YOW. WisSports has her at 14.8 per game by the end of the 22 games that Waupun played, which included shooting 50% from the field and 33% from long range. Petersen also chipped in 8.1 rebounds per game along with 2.4 assists, 2.0 steals, and 2.0 blocks. Again: As a freshman.

As an aside: You’ll notice that the tweet right above says that Petersen is one of the three best prospects in the state in 2024, at least at this point of things according to Prep Girl Hoops. Seems good.

Here’s 90 seconds of highlights that was posted just a couple of weeks ago by Flight Elite:

Allie Ziebell

I think we should start here by referring back to that Kayl Petersen tweet with the images from Prep Girls Hoops. Ziebell is listed with Petersen as one of the three best prospects in the state for 2024, and the indication certainly seems to be that Ziebell is the best prospect in the state. All I’m saying is that the three young ladies are clearly not listed in alphabetical order there, y’know?

Flight Elite says that Ziebell is a 6’0” wing, and says the same thing. Prospects Nation lists her at 5’11”, but Prep Girls Hoops has her at 5’11” back in October of last year. Definitely seems like both things can be true here in July. She attends Neenah High School in, duh, Neenah, Wisconsin, which is up by Appleton on the north end of Lake Winnebago.

Wanna read a scouting report from PGH back in October?

Allie Ziebell of Neenah is featured on the watch list. Ziebell is a talented 5’11 wing with so much upside. She has a consistent jumper and three point shot. She’s a three level scorer already and has an incredible feel for the game. She has great length on the defensive end and has the potential to be an impact shot blocker and rebounder. After an exciting summer with Wisconsin Flight Elite, Ziebell earned offers from St Thomas, Minnesota, Green Bay and Illinois State.

Four offers before her freshman year even started. Just in July, at least according to a Twitter search, Ziebell has added Wisconsin, Texas Tech, and Toledo to her stack, so it definitely looks like the word has gotten out about her.

Wanna head over to the always helpful for some stats? 19.8 points per game as a freshman for Neenah? Good, probably great, honestly. 60% from the field, 42% from long range? Yeah, we’re starting to explain why she’s getting so much attention already. 6.1 rebounds a night just helps out there, and 2.2 assists to go with 2.4 steals per game is just adding icing on the cake.

As you’d expect, Flight Elite is helpful once again here, giving us 90 seconds of video that was just published in early June of this year. FUN FACT: The description on the video says that she averaged 15 points, six rebounds, and five assists in FE’s spring session..... while playing up at the U16 level.

She has a Hudl page as well if you want to see some film from her Neenah games.

Callie Levin

Let’s all pretend that Levin just liked the picture of Fiserv Forum a whole bunch and that Megan Duffy has clearly explained to her that the women’s team doesn’t play in that barn.

Anyway, Levin is listed as a 5’9” guard by Max Preps, so we’ll go ahead and trust that. She hails from Solon, Iowa, where she attends Solon High School. That’s about halfway between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids in the eastern part of the state for you geography heads out there.

It’s been a busy month for Levin, as she was part of the All Iowa Attack club squad that won a Nike National Championship on the EYBL circuit. Along the way, she also picked up her offer from Marquette and one from Purdue as well. Iowa, Utah, Oklahoma State, and Iowa State round out her list of scholarship offers just since the calendar flipped to 2021. She had a high major offer in her pocket before she even played a second of high school basketball, as Arkansas scratched that one off back in September of 2020. That article says that Levin was playing “several” levels up with All Iowa Attack last summer, so keep that in mind relative to that Nike title.

I found a website called Varsity Bound that has all sorts of info about Solon girls’ basketball, including the fact that they reached the Class 3A Region 7 championship game before their season ended in 2020-21. Levin was the only player on the squad to average more than 10 points a game, and she was all the way up at 19 per outing. Again, as we’ve said before, this was during her freshman year of high school hoops. Levin also added 5.0 rebounds, 3.7 assists, and 4.0 steals to the proceedings, and that would be really great stuff even if she wasn’t pouring in the points, too. Varsity Bound helpfully calculates effective field goal percentage for us, and her 52.9% for the season is pretty good, even if she was only hitting 31% from long range.

I don’t have any video for you here to embed into the page, but I can point you towards Levin’s Hudl page. The most recent entry was posted in early May of this year, and between it being titled “Callie Levin - 2024” and running nearly five minutes long, I presume it’s a freshman year highlight reel?

Scholarship chart time!

BIG HOT TAKE ANALYSIS TIME: Marquette kinda needs to hit it big — not top rated prospects, just immediate impact players — with both their 2023 and 2024 recruiting classes. The Golden Eagles are looking at losing four and then five seniors from the respective previous season’s rosters, although the COVID-bonus season potential looms large for both. Still, with just one freshman coming in this fall, and only one player committed so far in 2022, Marquette is going to need to have impact freshmen in both 2023 and 2024 to keep the ball rolling three years from now.

Sure, it’s a long way off and sure a lot of things can happen between now and then. But hoooooboy, that current setup for the 2024-25 roster is looking awfully shaky right now. Maybe by the time November rolls around — signing period for 2022 prospects, of course — it will look different. But for now, you can see why Duffy and her staff are hustling after prospects down the road.