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Bryce Lindsay Puts Marquette In His Top Six

Turns out there’s a little bit of carry over from the old administration.

Marquette v Xavier Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

On Saturday, we got a little bit more movement on the Class of 2022 recruiting picture for Marquette men’s basketball. Bryce Lindsay, a 6’3” combo guard out of Baltimore, Maryland, released his top six schools, and yes, Marquette is on there. The Golden Eagles are joined in the group by two Big East programs in Xavier and Georgetown along with Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M.

Marquette first offered a scholarship to Lindsay back in November of 2020. Now, since y’all can do math and count and such, you can figure out that the offer came from Steve Wojciechowski. No need to worry that this young man has gotten lost in the wilderness and is including Marquette for no reason though. In late May of 2021, Lindsay talked to Jake Weingarten of Stock Risers, and not only did he say that Marquette is one of the three most heavily involved at the time — and the only one still involved in this top six by the way — but Lindsay also had this to say about the new coaching staff’s involvement:

Marquette’s new Assistant Coach Dre Haynes contacted me and just informed me that he was the new assistant and he was still going to be recruiting me. Of course, I know a little about Marquette because my guy Justin Lewis attends their school. A lot of defense and pushing the ball.

So there you go.

Lindsay was not rated or ranked by the 247 Composite back in November, and that has not changed now. 247 themselves have scouted him, and they have him as a three-star prospect and the #35 combo guard prospect in the country. If you click through to the positional rankings, it appears that Lindsay is the #231 prospect in the country.... but that doesn’t really seem to match up with his current top six all that well, either. Weingarten refers to Lindsay as a four-star prospect, but I can’t find a recruiting service that matches that kind of evaluation at this point. If y’all know of one, well, fire it up in the comments section.

Back in November, when Marquette first made the offer, Lindsay was attending Baltimore Polytechnic. You might remember that as the high school that Justin Lewis attended. In any case, Lindsay is making a transfer move to Bishop Walsh School in Cumberland, Maryland for the 2021-22 school year. That’s way out in the western part of the state and way up by the Pennsylvania state line. I don’t know exactly what’s prompting that move, but I’ll just wrap this part up by saying I hope it’s for good reasons and everything goes well for the young man.

Here’s 60 seconds of highlights of Lindsay that were published in early June.

Scholarship chart time!

Between Darryl Morsell’s departure from Marquette after just one season and the chance that Greg Elliott either wraps up his collegiate career or decides to take his bonus season elsewheres, the Golden Eagles will need more guards immediately in the Class of 2022. Lindsay fits that bill.

That is, of course, as long as he actually is a high major player. We’re operating with very weird amounts of information due to last summer’s grassroots circuit getting wiped out at least in terms of scouts in attendance. With that being the case, we have very little solid information about a lot of guys. Maybe Lindsay actually is a four-star prospect like Stock Risers says. If that’s the case, maybe Shaka Smart has a chance to get something of a steal on the recruiting trails here. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, because Lindsay also told Jake Weingarten that he’s not expecting to make a final decision until next year.