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Marquette at Providence Moved To Sunday

Rhode Island is getting a blizzard during the day on Saturday, so I get the thought process here.

NCAA Basketball: Siena at Providence
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It would appear that the Atlantic Ocean is a harsh mistress.

With a massive snow storm bearing down on the New England area, Marquette men’s basketball’s visit to Dunkin Donuts Center to face #17 Providence has been postponed. Not in the “we’ll get back to you” way that games have been postponed for COVID this season, but merely moved from Saturday’s 3:30pm Central start time to Sunday at 11:30am CT. It will still be at the Dunk and it will still air on FS1.

As of Thursday morning, this is what the weather predictions are for Providence, Rhode Island, according to The Weather Channel:

  • Friday night: 80% chance of snow, 1 to 3 inches expected
  • Saturday day: “Watching a potential winter storm,” 25-35 mile per hour winds, 5 to 8 inches of snow
  • Saturday night: “Watching a potential winter storm,” 50% chance of snow, 1 to 3 inches of snow

As you can tell, that would probably make it a big old gigantic mess for 1) Marquette to get to Providence unless the Golden Eagles are staying on the east coast after their win in Newark and they’ll be in Rhode Island already anyway, 2) anyone to get to the arena for the game much less the actual teams to get there to play, and 3) Marquette to leave Rhode Island to return to Milwaukee.

Believe it or not, this hasn’t officially turned into a blizzard warning at this point. However, from reading TWC’s article on the storm, it would appear that has more to do with a heavy amount of uncertainty attached to the storm’s potential for now than anything else. If I were a meteorologist type, I would lean towards telling people a foot of snow was coming even if 6 inches was the most likely outcome. Never hurts to be wrong high than wrong low and leave people saying “that wasn’t so bad.”

#22 ranked Marquette has won seven straight games heading into the clash with Providence. The Friars have won four straight games since losing to MU on January 4th and have won 12 of their last 13 games.