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It’s time to use college athletics related spite to help out some refugees.

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Providence v Marquette Getty Images


The 2022 EDSBS Charity Bowl is officially underway!

Are you unfamiliar with the EDSBS Charity Bowl? It is the yearly fundraiser organized by the fine folks over at Channel 6, formerly of Moon Crew, formerly of Banner Society, formerly of Every Day Should Be Saturday. It supports New American Pathways, an organization which describes their mission as follows:

New American Pathways is an Atlanta based nonprofit with the mission of Helping Refugees and Georgia Thrive. Our vision is for new Americans in metro Atlanta to become successful, contributing, and welcomed members of Georgia’s communities. We fulfill our goals by offering the most comprehensive, fully integrated continuum of services targeted to meet the specific needs of refugees and other immigrants in Georgia.

Our services support new Americans on their individual pathways from arrival through citizenship with programs that focus on four key milestones along the pathway – Safety & Stability, Self-Sufficiency, Success, and Service. Programs work in concert to guide new Americans on their individual pathways to long-term success.

Somehow, the EDSBS Charity Bowl is the single largest fundraiser for New American Pathways, both yearly and in history. Last year, the Charity Bowl brought in nearly $850,000, completely blowing all expectations out of the water. Shouts to The Michigan Money Cannon. Last year’s success led to the creation of the EDSBS Empowerment Fund:

The Charity Bowl has a very specific format, though. It’s not just a fundraiser, it’s a methodology to show exactly how great your school/football team is as opposed to other schools/football teams. The goal is to help refugees. The fun part is donating, as Spencer Hall put it last year, “in the form of a score of a game where your team/school destroyed the hopes and dreams of a rival.” Past that, the goal is to raise more money for New American Pathways than your rivals as well. Spite is fun, but so is beating them on the field AND in the form of charitable donations.

Now, ostensibly, this is college football related because EDSBS was a college football website. However, you may have noticed that Marquette does not have a football team at the moment. This should not stop you from donating in the name of Marquette. Last year, Marquette finished #101 in the standings at $1,157 donated, coming dang near close to increasing the donations from 2020 by a factor of 10. MU missed the top 100 by falling just $33 short of Mexico City Wild Wings. I don’t know how to tell you this, but part of the Charity Bowl is donating money to New American Pathways just to entertain yourself.

Notable schools that beat Marquette last year:

  • #11 Notre Dame, $16,894
  • #13 Wisconsin, $12,177
  • #46 Syracuse, $4,346
  • #72 Georgetown, $2,418
  • #86 UConn, $1,633
  • #91 Rutgers, $1,449

I would like to think that Marquette is better than Rutgers, even and/or especially when it comes to charity.

Notable schools that Marquette beat last year, none of whom cleared $1,000:

  • #107 Creighton, $974
  • #123 Louisville, $699
  • #126 Villanova, $650
  • #144 Cincinnati, $525
  • #158 Harvard, $425
  • #169 Loyola Chicago, $348
  • #255 St. John’s, $121
  • #261 Denver, $116
  • #269 Dayton, $109
  • #286 Navy, $100
  • #292 Butler, $100
  • #338 UW-Milwaukee, $55
  • #379 Providence, $40
  • #443 DePaul, $19

Big East schools that did not even make the list:

Seton Hall and Xavier.

Am I saying that any of these schools that did not beat Marquette or even donate at all are better and/or worse than Marquette? No! I am saying that it definitely appears that they are 1) not as nice as Marquette when it comes to works of charity or 2) obviously much poorer than Marquette since they don’t want to give money to a very respectable charity.

If the idea is to donate to New American Pathways in a fashion to celebrate that time that your team was successful against your rival, or that time your team was successful in an important game, may I suggest the following donation amounts?

  1. $67.65 for Justin Lewis’ tip-in against Wisconsin on December 4, 2020.
  2. $74.72 for Marquette upsetting #1 Villanova on January 24, 2017.
  3. $67.59 for Marquette’s 1977 national championship victory over North Carolina.
  4. $19.77 for MU’s national championship year.
  5. $72.64 for Marquette’s last victory over Notre Dame back on March 2, 2013.
  6. $19.60 to commemorate the start of Marquette’s undefeated streak in college football.
  7. $88.56 to mark that time that Marquette absolutely pantsed Providence on January 4, 2022.
  8. $71.61 for the final score of Marquette’s most recent NCAA tournament victory.
  9. $18.81 for the year that Marquette University was founded.

Or whatever floats your boat. You can get as weird with it as you want.

Here’s what you need to do to donate:

Step 1: Go to and click Donate

Step 2: Fill out the form, including selecting Marquette in the drop down menu.

Step 3: Be sure to include the dedication if you picked a specific donation amount for a reason.

Step 4: Keep the “Cover Payment Processing Fee” box checked. You’re donating to charity, don’t make them pay the credit card fees.

Step 5: If you want, screenshot your receipt and tweet it at @AnonymousEagle, @edsbs, @HollyAnderson, and @NewAmPaths so it can be used to shame other schools help promote the Charity Bowl.

You can also text charitybowl22 to 91999 to make your donation that way if you feel so inclined.

Okay, let’s get out there and beat that #101 ranking and $1,157 total from last year!